Ten crosses for National’s opposition

John Armstrong listed ten reasons why National maintains a healthy lead in the polls – Ten ticks for National from John Armstrong

I list ten more, these ones are weaknesses of the Opposition that help National maintain their support.

1. David Shearer

Shearer’s bumbling and balls-ups, and his lack of any clear desire, direction or definitive position on anything, accentuate Key’s accomplished calm assurance. And Labour supporters dread seeing Shearer versus Key in election debates.

2. Labour’s repeating of failed strategies

Not just their clinging to battles long since lost, not just their continued attempts to discredit John Key, Labour look like last century political attack hacks.

3. Labour’s lack of talent

Labour’s caucus is very thin on new talent, it’s old talent often doesn’t look that flash, and some of it’s best talent is relegated to the back benches (David Cunliffe) or is driven out of parliament (Charles Chauvel). Even the new talent that’s rated, like Jacinda Ardern and David Clark, looks superficial – party parrots, not heavy lifters.

4. Green power wariness

The Green party have had an enthusiastic minority following, plus sizable support from people sympathetic to some of their ideals. Especially on environmental issues. A Green voice is good.

But now the Greens look like they could become a significant part of a Labour Green government people are becoming very wary of actual Green power.

5. Russel Norman – whiny and wacky

Norman can have a whiny demeanour. And he has made his financial portfolio ambitions clear – which scare the hell out of many people. They don’t care about Greens and wacky baccy, but wacky money ideas are a real worry.

6. Metirea Turei – socialist and socialite

Turei speaks strongly for people in poverty, but:
– her solutions are seen as serious socialism
– her advocating for people in poverty clashes with her well dressed well heeled image.

Turei’s image clash is a symptom of a more general Green disconnect with their poorly constituents – they look like well meaning well educated middle class do gooders. The Vatican versus the Salvation Army is too extreme to be a fair comparison but Greens don’t look like sleeves rolled up workers for the downtrodden.

They seem keen to transfer other people’s wealth, but not their own.

7. Green Hues of Gareth Hughes

No mining. No drilling. No fracking. No cars. No, Gareth, too much no, no, no.

The great Green alternative won’t just grow on trees by itself and save the world.

There’s a great big gap between great ideals and practical solutions.

8. Winston Peters

9. Winston Peters

10. Winston Peters

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  1. I believe New Zealand is in the midst of a very leadership vacuum — the lack of good leadership is starting to make me very nervous for 2014.

  2. Darryl

     /  23rd March 2013

    Agree 100% Pete, you couldn’t of explained it better. Hence excellent.

  3. Barry Cowlishaw

     /  23rd March 2013

    If adult conversation is going to be reduced down to the level of primary school (ticks n crosses) I was wondering if the anal ysis would include smiley faces and if those would be reserved for only the kids in blue?

  4. Barry Cowlishaw

     /  23rd March 2013

    Like your 8,9, and 10 above? …. Mmmm- adult comments might be wasted here:)


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