Big increase in sexual assault convictions

Radio NZ reports:

Latest figures from Statistics New Zealand show sexual assault convictions have jumped by 27% since 2007, while convictions overall dropped by 7% in that time.

Last year, 2,223 people were convicted of charges relating to sexual offending last year, up 1,748 in 2007.

It’s not known what the reason for this increase is – it could be a combination of more successful prosecution levels, an increase in reporting of offences, and an increase in the number of offences.

The report also said that it’s thought that only 10% of sexual assualts are reported.

There are a lot of victims involved and in the more severe cases this can seriously affect their lives and the lives of people associated with them.

While some of those convicted are simply cretins some will also have been pinged by little more than moment of madness, or thinking that what they were doing was fair game (if they could get away with it) – but regardless, the convictions can also have a major impact on the offenders and often their families.

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  1. Brown

     /  27th March 2013

    Expecting men to behave like gentlemen is so yesterday. Sexualising everything and expecting harmony is like teaching sex to immature kids in schools and expecting them to not try it. You reap what you sow, especially when you live in a moral vacuum.


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