Psychoactive Substances Bill – international reaction

A blog report on the 56th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (held in Vienna recently):

Another fresh breath of air in this year’s event was New Zealand’s Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne who addressed the Commission and explained the new and innovative legislation that will be coming before the New Zealand parliament in the fall that will address the many new psychoactive substances that are appearing almost daily that are unscheduled within the treaties.

Under the proposed legislation, the Psychoactive Substances Bill, all of these new substances will be banned unless a manufacturer can prove that they pose no more than a low risk of harm.

Rather than ban all new substances immediately the New Zealand government plan to put the onus on the industry to ensure the safety of their products and if they pass muster they will be placed in a regulatory schedule that will allow retail sales of the products under certain conditions.

When asked how this scheme was received by other delegations Minister Dunne said there was a great deal of interest in the proposed legislation and countries are watching closely to see the outcomes.

Donald MacPherson, Executive Director, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

It will be interesting to see how the Psychoactive Substances Bill works when it comes into effect in August.

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