Extending my blogging

One of the great things about blogging is if you do enough of it eventually new opportunities will come up to be have even more exposure.

Imperator Fish has announced today:

You will see a few changes to this site over the next few weeks, but hopefully nothing too major. Mostly just a change in design to be consistent with the party’s colours and logo, and the introduction of a new author, a fellow United Future traveller. I’m sure Pete George needs no introduction to most of you, and I’m delighted he has agreed to contribute.

And it’s good to see that Scott has looked at a party site that actually has a comprehensive list of policies, the Labour Party website is as lacking in policy detail as David Shearer’s brain.

And if you thought I might be overextending myself don’t worry, there are other ways of being seen in the blogosphere. Using a ghost writer makes this easy, all I had to do was wait until my stand-in was familiar enough with how I think and how I write.

This has been announced today at The Standard:

I have decided to end my self imposed exile from commenting here,
I’ve put a lot of time into thinking about it – at times and have made the decision to become a full time blog commentator. I can fit in a lot more now as I usually get up early, it’s when I enjoy doing most online, and then dabble during the day when I feel like it. But in the main I am needed to bring balance and fairness throughout the blog-sphere.

I can no longer stand by and watch the Standard become an echo chamber, Standard moderators keep shutting out diversity by banning anyone who blinks out of step with the comrades and the blog risks becoming further unbalanced. I for one gave some very fair comments that added a lot of balance, without which The Standard has become hopelessly left leaning and I for one can’t stand by and let that happen. As I like to say if you don’t let shit happen shit happens.

There are slight teething problems, my quote was actually:

“If you don’t let shit happen you’re a bit stuffed.”

But that’s pretty good for starters.

It won’t be long before I’m competing with Martyn Bradbury…

The stats are in and we have exceeded my wildest ambition. The Daily Blog in its debut month achieved 196886 page views! The appetite online to hear the other side of the story is larger than I had hoped.

But I’m achieving more than Bomber, he is using other people to fill up his posts, I’m replicating myself so I’m sure I’ll be exceeding my own wildest ambitions before long.

Just what everyone wanted, more of Pete George around the blogosphere.

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