Grant Robertson and “lying by omission”

Grant Robertson has accused John Key of “lying by omission”, saying that but not saying everything the happened Key has lied. Labour are reported to be laying a complaint that Key did not fully answer questions in the House.

I’ve been accused of lying by ommision in the past, because I didn’t say absolutely everything I might have known about a topic being discussed. That’s pathetic, it would make any comments ridiculously lengthy if one was to ensure nothing was omitted, and it would be impossible to achieve.

But perhaps it could be reasonably be claimed that 3 News and Firstline are lying by omission, on their report of the recruitment and appointment of Ian Fletcher this morning they ommitted to mention the statement made by State Services Commissioner Ian Rennie, who has strenuously denied anything wrong with the process.

“I am outraged that there has baseless attacks on the credibility of Mr Fletcher’s appointment,” he said.

And 3 News could also be blatantly lying, last night on Campbell Live and this morning on Firstline they have repeated claims that John Key and Ian Fletcher are “best mates” and friends since childhood.

Key has kept denying this, saying he was friends with Fletcher’s brother and Ian was just an acquantance. And he said he had no contact with Fletcher for about thirty years, so it was hardly and enduring friendship.

Is Robertson lying by ommission? He hasn’t revealed his motives for the current attacks on Key, he hasn’t revealed strategy discussions with colleagues on how Labour might make yet another attempt to undermine Key and the Government.

Time and again Labour have tried to create scandals, and when they fail they then switch to accusing the target of their attacks of not reacting properly to their campaign of corruption – the old “it’s not the initial problem, it’s the reaction to the problem that matters” political trick.

Grant Robertson hasn’t revealed his sources for this “scandal”, is he lying by omission?

Grant Robertson hasn’t revealed what his leadership ambitions are, is he lying by omission?

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  1. Darryl

     /  4th April 2013

    Creating scandals is all that the Labour Party have done, constantly. Does it make them look any better, or encourage one to vote for them, (A BIG FAT NO) I have stopped watching Campbell Live or First line, simply because they change the context of everything, and are VERY biased in there reporting. They conveniently forgot to report with any substance on Shonky Shearer’s banking habits, but keep attacking our PM. I am not bothered by John Key phoning Ian Fletcher, so what. Fletcher still had to apply for the job, and Mr Rennie is quite right in being outraged. Labour you are PATHETIC.


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