Climate sceptic’s checklist

1. Not real

2. Real but not man made

3. Man made but we can’t do much

4. We can but I’ll be dead by then so whatever

(Source: @GeorgeBludger)

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  1. Brown

     /  7th April 2013

    Progressive climate change sucker’s personal checklist:

    Manipulate facts to paint the picture you want
    Must have cheap power (subsidised)
    Imported eveything (because its cheaper)
    Wind turbines (but not where I can see them)
    Solar (if someone else pays)
    Cheap public transport (if comeone else pays)
    No cars for anyone (except me)
    Civil servant (because all the other jobs are gone tits up because China can do it cheaper and they don’t care)
    Huge benefits for doing jobs no one wants done (see above)
    Doom the third world to poverty (because they musn’t impact on the current enviroment)
    Abort or euthenaise those we don’t like much
    And so on.

    Welcome to the stone age. The way its going the Maoris will be in charge soon so its a two for the price of one deal.


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