Sir Bruce Ferguson’s distaste for scrutiny and Key

Remarkable comments from Sir Bruce Ferguson via Barry Soper’s political report:

One person who found it hard to disguise his distaste of his former
political boss is the super spy who served under the State Homie for his
first two years in office.

Sir Bruce Ferguson told me he’s sick of public servants being slam
dunked by politicians, knowing they have no right of reply. Now that
he’s retired, he’s exercising it saying Key had little interest in the
GCSB, in fact he was disinterested unlike his predecessor Head Girl
Helen who crossed every T and ticked every i, right down to giving him
marks out of ten for his reports and even writing on one that he could
do better.

But Sir Bruce says there are many politicians that make you feel like
washing your hand after shaking theirs. He was asked whether than
included the current PM and he said he respected the office but stopped
short of saying the same for the man.


Ouch indeed, seems like someone’s pride is hurting. It’s remarkable for an ex spy chief to be so outspoken.

But this further highlights how much Ferguson is upset at the current scrutiny of the GCSB – which of course involves scrutiny of his directorship there.

And it’s not hard to see how much Ferguson favours Helen Clark (who selected him to head the CSB in 2006) and either loathes or fears JohnKey.

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  1. Steve W

     /  10th April 2013

    Key has made it clear he rubber stamps anything the US asks for…and then forgets they asked or what he authorised. Key is absolutely the wrong person for the job of defending the interests of New Zealanders. His party is clearly the wrong party for government.

    • Clearly in the last election and in the polls since more people disagree with you than agree.

      And where is the evidence he rubber stamps “anything the US asks for”?

  2. Darryl

     /  10th April 2013

    Steve W, a good bit of this report, is not favouring your comment I am afraid. Bruce Ferguson is an old bitter man, who has spoken out very badly, and if that is any indication of how he run his office, no wonder it is a mess. He is only suggesting Helen is a saint, because she shoulder tapped him over (which has been reported) other more suitable applicants. I think Ferguson is a disgrace, considering the GCSB, is supposed to be a confidential agency. The Labour Party are as implemented in this farce every bit, and more so than the current Government.

    • Right on the money Darryl. Bruce Ferguson has gone public, probably because he was either one of those on the short-list for his old job that was rejected by the PM and Iain Rennie, or perhaps not even on the short list at all.

      That he is compromising the security of New Zealand and undermining public confidence in both the GCSB and the process by which Ian Fletcher was appointed suggests that the decision made by Messrs Key and Rennie was a very good one indeed. It would be interesting to see his phone and e-mail records, and see whether there has been correspondence between Ferguson and Grant Robertson (senior advisor to Helen Clark when Ferguson was shoulder-tapped) over the last couple of weeks before this all bubbled to the surface.

      • Darryl

         /  10th April 2013

        Your comment is excellent, my thoughts exactly. I am very suspicious of the Left, in particular Robertson, Ferguson, with regards to the inside information that has been leaked into the public arena. I would like to be more specific, but better not.


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