Is GCSB spying on me?

Ok, I realise they would only do it on behalf of the SIS, or the Police, or John Key, or David Shearer (what politician can you trust?) – but being paranoid seems to be the “Look at ME!” thing to do right now.

The Mana Party think they may be included in the 88 who have been allegdedly illegally spied on.

John Minto in particular seems to be starting to get suspicious – John Minto curious to know why house full of tiny microphones.

And Martin Bradbury wonders if  he’s a target in Did the GCSB spy on MANA members? Bradbury claims to have been the driving force behind Mana starting up after Pita Sharples wouldn’t let him lead the blogging for the Maori Party.

I have been critical of the Government and I helped argue for the creation of MANA – has the GCSB spied on me?

Am I threat to national security?

This week we have all become Kim Dotcoms.

Ah, not me, I did just eat a bit of chocolate but I’m not claiming to be anything like Dotcom yet.

Maybe Bradbury’s nickname is as good as inviting the SIS to his IP address but I just can’t see why any spooks would be interested in a benign middle of the road centrist like me.

I’m sensible. And the GCSB obviously doesn’t do sensible, they wouldn’t know sensible if it waved a red flag in front of their cyberspace.

And anyway, I’ve used GCSB as a tag that often lately they probably think I’m just another overblown blogger like Bomber.

Whoops, shouldn’t use that word, it might attract attention.

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