For and against marriage change – love versus fear?

It has been suggested that arguments for and against same sex marriage could be summarised by two words (I have added my summaries):

Love – should any couple who love each other be able to get married, regardless of their sexual orientation?

Fear – fear of religious faith being challenged, fear of marriage being devalued, fear of the end of society as we know it, fear of homosexuality?

Someone heavily involved in the debate has blogged:

The contrast between those in favour and those opposed was striking.

There have been strong arguments both for and against the proposed changes in the marriage equality bill. Politicians have received numerous emails and letters, and a large number of people made submissions to the parliamentary select committee.

We looked for a graphic way of representing this contrast, and used a “sample” of all the correspondence that arrived over a particular time to create word clouds. It’s not science. It’s not discourse analysis. But it makes the point.

Fundamentally there is a difference of world view: those opposed subscribe to a moral code based, usually, on a particular religious faith, and believe everyone should follow this code, whether or not they share that faith.

Marriage - fear

By way of contrast those who support the Bill usually have a very clear pluralist world view, in which they see the role of Government as providing a framework for a society of many faiths and codes of behaviour.

Marriage - love


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  1. Brown

     /  13th April 2013

    I think this is a cheap shot. To put the options into these two camps is childish and shallow. Thinking Christians have no fear of this – its just that they think its not good for society (there are secular reasons to hold that view) and conflicts with what they believe is a sensible view of civilisation and the moral perspective that has gradually transformed the west from barbarism. Some will use biblical texts to support this just as secular people will use other studies. I see little point in arguing a spiritual perspective to secular people and Christianity does not demand I do so.

    The biblical promise for believers is that the world will think you are nuts and hate you. We have seen that all around the world and the west will shortly, in its enlightenment, be doing the same because men hate the thought that there just may be a higher call. On that basis I think the fear probably rests with those that are desperate for public and legally enforceable approval of their life styles. Liberals will eventually screw theselves, and everyone else, over but some good will remain outside them to start afresh.

    Gay marriage won’t be the end of the world but it will, in my view, be a step toward real persecution in that people will simply have to approve of it or be be punished.


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