Hipkins pisses on anti Charter Schools ally

Following Peter Dunne’s anouncement that United Future won’t back Act’s Charter Schools legislation Labour’s Chris Hipkins demonstrates why Labour have trouble building relationships with other parties:

Reason trumps charter schools rhetoric

Education Spokesperson

If perennial fence-sitter Peter Dunne has pulled support for charter schools there can be no argument that this is bad policy, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

“Mr Dunne’s announcement this morning that he will vote against legislation to establish Charter Schools is welcome. I am urging the Maori Party to re-think their position too.

“Peter Dunne is quite right when he argues we don’t need charter schools, that we already have a range of schooling options within existing legislation, and that the risks associated with charter schools are too great.

“New Zealand already has a world leading curriculum. Labour has always said that the risks of introducing charter schools far outweigh any perceived benefits. It is great to see Mr Dunne has come round to our way of thinking.”

That sort of pissiness and arrogance – an factual inaccuracy – will really do well building political bridges, policy support and coalitions, not.

Labour have been pissy with United Future (and other parties) on a number of bills over the last year.

A number of Labour MPs, like Hipkins here, are guilty of pissy and petty political pointscoring. With this sort of behaviour prevalent it’s no wonder there are so many internal problems within Labour.

In contrast yesterday both Grant Robertson and Louisa Wall gracefully acknowledged Peter Dunne’s support for the “Mondayisation” Bill and the Marriage Amendment Bill, so some of their MPs understand interparty relations.

But there is an embedded nastiness in parts of Labour that ultimately piss on the party’s own aspirations.

Hipkins could learn something off an MP from another party they have an uneasy relationship with:

Metiria Turei@metiria

@PeterDunneMP pleased about this and your stance on Charter schools too

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  1. Darryl

     /  18th April 2013

    The Left sure are a Nasty lot. Really off putting.

  2. Richard29

     /  18th April 2013

    Sorry – I struggle to see the “pissiness and arrogance” here. Is it the fact that they called Peter Dunne a fencesitter? I think that’s hard to argue against, he has served under both Labour and National governments and even with his current arrangement he is choosing whether to support things on a bill by bill basis, that’s pretty much the definition of fencesitting.
    I would have thought you’d be happy about the header of an article about Dunne “Reason Trumps Rhetoric” and that the first like says that if Peter doesn’t support the bill (despite his support of the govt.) then there can be no argument that it is bad policy. Isn’t Peter forever portraying himself as Mr Reasonable and trying to say he’s independent and acting as a conscience for the government, as soon as Labour say the same thing you get all precious and offended at the way they say it…

    • The general tone of Hipkins is pissy.

      And there’s a big difference between pragmatic politics from a centrist position and being a fence sitter.

      If Dunne kept abstaining from voting you’d be justified in caling him a fencesitter, but he always picks to vote one way or another, hence no fence.

  3. AngryTory

     /  18th April 2013

    He’s not a perennial fence-sitter:
    He’s a perennial minister of revenue.


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