One small step…

‘graham’ at Kiwiblog asks:

I’m confused about one thing in this debate.

For some time, the supporters of this bill have been telling us that it’s really not a big deal, it won’t make any difference to the majority of people, and it’s not that big a change, etc.

So why was there such passion, such interest, such excitement last night from the bill’s supporters, over a “relatively minor change”?

One small step for equality, one giant step for homosexuals.

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  1. graham

     /  18th April 2013

    But Pete, the homosexuals are the ones who were telling us that it wasn’t a big deal. And now you’re saying it’s a giant step for homosexuals.

    So which is it?

    • It is a big deal for them.

      For the rest of us it hasn’t been a big deal and won’t be a big deal, but some have shared in the historic occasion last night.

  2. As a homosexual, it’s a giant step. Why? Because now I, and my relationship with my partner, is equal in the eyes of the law. Fully equal. It’s a giant step because my transgendered student and friend can now change her birth certificate to female without having to annul her marriage certificate. It’s a giant step for all those people who want the legal power to adopt and have their relationships with their partner’s children recognised legally.

    While I wasn’t fussed if it happened last night (as I know New Zealand would have eventually come around), the issue itself was a big deal.


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