Clint too

Green media muppet Clint Smith has been getting plenty of social media coverage – more than Gareth Hughes, who initiated it on 3 News last night by asking Clint if they were allowed to show they were happy at disrupting the MRP share float.

See Hey Clint at Kiwiblog,  #HeyClint on Twitter, and “Hey Clint” – on spin doctors and soundbites at The Listener.

Patrick Gower ‏@patrickgowernz

It was @TovaOBrien who brutally exposed the inner workings of Green spin machine and its power over Gareth Hughes: ‘Hey Clint…’

Greens media policy exposed. 1. Call for inquiry 2. Ask Clint/”Hey Clint”

Coincidentally I had a Twitter exchange with Clint in the weekend, he was repeating blinkered mantra:


@robhosking real business owners r looking forward to lower power prices & hiring more people. Why are you defending govt-created oligopoly?

The “real business owners” term has also been used by Labour.

I asked “have you surveyed them”.

The MEA is among biz, consumer groups coming out in support. Will Dunne campaign for keeping high power prices?

maybe you can be joyce’s campaign manager. got your slogan: ‘Proud of our record: higher power prices, fewer jobs’

“Very ironic Clint, you’re are the one peddling Green slogans. Why don’t you try “proud of stuffing the economy”.”

cheaper power=warmer, healthier homes, lower biz cost=better economy. status quo=$700m superprofits to Crown&Origin

“Resorting to shallow PR slogans suggest you have no idea what you may be doing to the markets.”

let me assure you we know precisely what we’re doing – taking away an inefficient (Nat-created) tax on the economy

Precisely what they want to do is transfer wealth from shareholders to whoever they think it is fair to give it to.

But they are ignoring the wider ramifications – or really are blind to anything outside their ideological line of sight.

this plan is supported by business groups, consumer groups, child poverty groups, grey power, lines companies etc

only people opposing lower power prices the oligopolists themselves & the failed Nat govt + its wee zombie parties

Be interesting to see where all that support is, I haven’t seen much, and I’ve seen a lot of people opposing and criticism.

What he recited is amazingly similar to what his wee zombie MP has been saying.

It was noticed that Clint had gone quiet today, on Twitter at least. But perhaps he’s just gone under cover, this sounds very much the same message:

Loss of wealth? No, a redistribution of wealth

And TV3 has released the full video.

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