Shearer’s power policy timing defence

In trying to defend Labour’s timing of their NZ Power announcement David Shearer just adds confusion. One News have reported in Shearer defends power policy timing:

Labour leader David Shearer says the reason he released his new energy policy at the same time Mighty River Power shares went on sale is because he thought the Maori Council appeal would take much longer.

Shearer says he intended to announce Labour’s power reforms policy after this year’s budget was announced but brought it forward when the shares were floated.

But Maori Council water appeal dismissed – that was on February 27th, nearly two months ago. Why would the Maori Council appeal have affected this sort of policy decision?

Is Shearer admitting that if the Maori Council had held up the share float then Labour would not have developed and released this policy? If that’s the case it adds weight to the argument that Labour’s main intent has been to stop the share float – the deliberate sabotage theory.

When Rachel Smalley asked David Parker on The Nation “How long have you been working on this policy? This specific policy?” he responded:

This specific system pushing it forward to this, the last month.

(See Labour and Greens on “coincidental” power policies and timings.)

The Government began taking registrations of interest from the public in Mighty River Power shares on 5 March 2013.

So the share float was well signalled. The Financial Markets Authority approved the sale of Mighty River Power on 12 April, with the share offer scheduled to open on 15 April.

Shearer seems to have rushed, first announcing his intent late last Sunday night, just prior to the share offer opening. On Monday he fobbed off any schedule for providing deal. On Tuesday he said he would be announcing later in the week. He then made his policy announcement alongside Russel Norman on Thursday.

Rush job on the big Kahuna

When announcing Labour’s power policy Shearer referred to it as “the big Kahuna”. Labour seems to think this is (at last) the game changer they have been looking for since the 2008 election loss.

Rush jobs raise risks – and it’s showing. Labour’s power messages are confused, cack handed and lacking conviction.

Unfortunately that probably sums up Labour over the last couple of years.


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  1. Brown

     /  23rd April 2013

    The radio interviews are both amusing and disturbing. Black is white, Denmark is cheaper … Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. I don’t think they are even gritting their teeth.

  2. Darryl

     /  23rd April 2013

    Right on Brown. Labour have stooped to that many lies. Each MP, gives a different story, and they think every one will believe them. I wouldn’t trust them as far as one could throw them. Shearer should be embarrassed with his policy on power. I hope he told Ed Milliband how he is in bed with the Greens, and they have sabotaged the investment sector in NZ.

    • This was Shearer’s PR on Facebook this morning:

      “This morning David Shearer met UK Labour Leader Ed Miliband. They talked about how to create a fairer society, the impact of the rising cost of living on people as well as Labour’s policies in NZ to bring down power bills, create jobs and build 100,000 affordable homes.”

      Ed would be impressed with that.

  3. Brown

     /  23rd April 2013

    Ed, being a progressive, would believe him. Delusion starts small.


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