Colin Craig – binding referendum on satire

Colin Craig has had his feelings hurt by satirical website The Civilian and has responded with legal action for defamation – see Colin Craig versus The Civilian.

I am a politician on the rise, Maurice Williamson is a fading old fogey. The Civilian should have headlined me and Williamson should have been the one who had a small mention at the bottom of the article.

As a strong advocate of democracy and binding referenda Craig may make the redefinition of satire the next public issue.

“The day of reckoning on the redefinition of satire is still to come.”

“Last night was not a vote of the people of New Zealand. If it had been, the answer would have been no to making fun of me.”

“It is a failure of democracy when those purporting to entertain the people end up making jokes the public oppose,” he says.

“We have seen the public vote disregarded on law and order, on the number of MP’s and on the Anti-Smacking Bill.

“The blogosphere’s willingness to put satire to the people while disregarding my feelings sadly comes as no surprise.”

“The Conservative Party began on the foundation of binding referenda, and last night’s lampooning only reinforces the need for us to enter Parliament.”

“Next year’s election will be the opportunity for New Zealanders to finally have their say.”

“The economy is kind of important, but smacking, gay marriage and satire need to be decided by the people and if I get enough attention without being ridiculed they will decide the election.

“As the only party with Binding Referenda as a bottom line, we expect our support to continue to increase.”

A binding referendum on the redefinition of satire may be the next Conservative bottom line. Talking of bottoms, the Conservative Party seems to be bottoming out:

  • Smacking bottoms
  • Bottom love and marriage
  • Scraping the bottom of the humour barrel

NOTE: Real quotes from Colin Craig were used in the making up of this post.


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  1. Steve Taylor

     /  24th April 2013

    Satire site or not – Craig seems to be sending a none-too-subtle message to the MSM regarding accuracy, which I suppose is fair enough – goodness me, how often have the MSM helped themselves to material and legwork from this website, not attributed any of it to the author, or simply mis-quoted context in the “material lift”? If I was a Journalist who was anti-Conservatives, I might make fun of Craig publically, but in a professional and private capacity, I would be more mindful that if I was to mis-quote Craig in the media, then I’m most likely up for a meaningful act of correction. One letter from a Lawyer equals this publicity – cheaper than an ad I guess:

  2. A useful reference on media law:….

    From the website: Can humour be defamatory?

    “Yes. Humour, satire, sarcasm, cartoons and spoofs that make fun of people can be defamatory, by holding people up to ridicule unfairly. But it can be difficult to predict whether a court will say “although dressed up as a joke, the barb is defamatory and damaging” or “no-one would take this seriously, it’s obviously just a bit of fun”. Decisions have gone both ways”.

  3. Sadly, it looks like The Civilian is the one with hurt feelings, and may be considering giving up blogging.

    You can read about it here: The Civilian to Quit Blogging, or you can just go with it without bothering to check the link.

    • That would be a sad outcome, because aside from the false attribution issue, I would rate Ben as one of the funniest writers I have read in a very, very long time. Why he isn’t already writing for TV is frankly beyond me.

    • Terrible. I’ll help spread the news.

      And I’ll let Ben know, he doesn’t seem to have caught up with this news yet.


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