Gower and Hughes confirm the obvious – intent to sabotage

In a blog post Broadcasting ‘Hey Clint!’ was right move Patrick Gower further confirms what most of the media have obviously known since last Thursday – that Labour and Greens timed their NZ Power announcement to inflict damage on the Mighty River Power share float.

Gower says exposing this was the key factor behind exposing the “Hey Clint” faux pas by Gareth Hughes. Good on him for doing that.

Now I know a lot of people watch “Hey Clint!” and find it funny.

But to me it showed much more than a bit of humour. It showed what we know – the Greens, like Labour, are trying to act like they are not gleeful that the policy is screwing with the MRP float.

In fact, it looked like Gareth Hughes was stoked. It was in the public interest to run it. No question.

It busted spin, in fact, it blew the spin apart.

It showed that the Greens, like Labour, are trying to come up with ‘lines’ to pretend that it’s not about wrecking the float.

And that’s fair enough; the Greens want to emphasise what they see as the good parts of the policy.

But, thanks to Gareth’s indiscretion, we could show what they really feel.

“Gareth’s indiscretion” revealed a practiced party puppet who broke a string and stumbled. It wasn’t a good look.

But more importantly, despite what they are claiming, it shows that Labour and Greens wanted to spike the share float, and were pleased that they had some success.

And they appear to not care about the affect on the share market, nor the return of the MRP float which has been estimated to cost the country $200-400 milion dollars.
It’s shameful that MPs and parties act this way, and it needs to be exposed for what it is more often.

Labour and Greens intended to disrupt the MRP float, and now they keep lying about their intent. Disgraceful.

The rest of Gower’s blog is worth reading to see how political reporting works, and how hard it can be to break through the practiced bullshit.

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  1. Darryl

     /  24th April 2013

    Right on Pete. And yes disgraceful, politics at it’s worst.


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