Colin Craig said…

Quotes from Colin Craig, as taken from interviews and news reports. As this is mostly limited to stand alone quotes from Craig read the linked articles for context.

On his anti-smacking law march:

“…in the hundreds of thousands – I hope not more than $450,000”.

“If this becomes a protracted battle, obviously the budget will have to be adjusted.”

“On occasion I’ve found it necessary to give her a little flick on the hand, yes.”

“My involvement came out of discussions with friends saying we don’t think it’s right for such a considerable majority of voters to be ignored. That prompted me to look at what I could do about it.”

“I’m never going to own a boat, but some things are more important.”

“The reality is if we have the biggest protest march in the history of New Zealand, which I’d love to know how big it was … [we can’t be ignored]”.

“The [2004] hikoi got more than 10,000. The [2005 Destiny Church] march for family values got close to 15,000. I’m absolutely hoping to get an awful lot more than that.”

The march was estimated at 4000-5000.

– NZ Herald Smacking law march aims to be big Oct 28, 2009

On his Auckland mayoralty bid:

“I’m making a commitment to run a serious campaign and will be spending money to ensure I contact every voter to put my policies forward.”

He indicated he would spend close to the $580,000 cap for mayoral candidates.

“Having surveyed people from all over the Greater Auckland region, I discovered that Aucklanders are worried about losing their local voice, they’re worried about rates increasing and they’re worried core services will be run by people who want to make a profit rather than create a world-class city to live in.”

– NZ Herald Organiser of democracy march joins mayoral race Tuesday Jun 29, 2010


  • Len Brown 234,459 (49.14%)
  • John Banks 169,862 (35.60%)
  • Colin Craig 42,299 (8.87%)

On the launch of the Conservative Party:

“My motivation for doing this, actually, is people, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have people who were saying to me ‘Colin, we need you, can you do it.””

“I’m not ambitious for myself but I am ambitious for the country, and I am ambitious for the people of New Zealand”.

“…the reality is there’s a need, so I’m responding to that and I’m responding to requests from people to stand up and make a difference”.

“I think what we are is we’re conservative economically and socially”.

“In terms of economics, we will be about economic prosperity, but that’s moderated by our social concern and a deep desire to support and strengthen the families and communities.”

“The single biggest business in the country is the Government”.

“My own personal view is that I have found marriage to be a wonderful way to live, and I enjoy that. I recognise that other people are making other choices. But for me, if people want my personal opinion, then I’m always promoting good, long term marriages as a wonderful way to live”.

“In terms of what matters, in terms of, I guess, policy, in terms of the philosophy, that comes from me, that’s my heart towards the nation, the country, the people, those things are my own.”

“I take advice from supporters”.

“I think we’ll present a platform that all New Zealanders will buy in to”.

“What we’re about is conservative economics, and conservative social policy together. We want to be conservative”.

“Some of our policies I think will be perceived as lefty, or socialist, some of them will be perceived as righty, or liberal, but bringing all of those together I believe that it will be a platform that all New Zealanders can at least consider voting for.”

– 3 News Extended interview Wed, 03 Aug 2011

On standing for Epsom:

“There is a level of discontent around being taken for granted in Epsom.”

“If the status quo remains, Banks will get in by a reasonably clear margin. There is just no left-wing vote. The only thing that could put a fly in the ointment is a very serious conservative candidate.”

Craig decided against standing in Epsom.

– NZ Herald Colin Craig announces new Conservative Party Wednesday Aug 3, 2011

On standing in Rodney:

“In Epsom I am going to come third in all the polling I’ve done”.

“For people to be confident to vote for a party they need to know they are going to win a seat.”

“I don’t have a message for Mark Mitchell, my message is for the Rodney electorate, and that’s very simple, that I am standing and I know I will be the best candidate for them to select”.

“I’m confident we’re going to get either all all nearly all of them, we’ve had really good membership and really good people coming forward to be candidates. We’ve got a selection process to go through but I’m confident for most electorates if not all”.

– RadioLive Colin Craig to stand in Rodney – Audio Mon, 19 Sep 2011

“I’ve lived in Rodney, and my business involvement here has spanned more than 20 years. Many of my family live here, and I’m passionate about getting things moving for everyone in the region.”

On polling conducted for the Conservative Party by Research First that put support for Mr Craig at 47 per cent against 36.3 per cent for Mr Mitchell.

“It’s good but for those who do the homework and look back on how well I polled during the mayoralty … I don’t think it’s too big a surprise.”

– NZ Herald Conservative leader confident he can take Rodney from Nats Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

“I think it’s amazing that in a few short weeks we have put forward a list of quality people, that are representative in age, gender, ethnicity, and vocation of all New Zealanders”.

“I know the people we’ve put forward will be great representatives for the country, and as we now start our campaign, I expect them to impress New Zealanders and ultimately win their vote”.

– Press release Conservative List Released

“I think probably conservatism in America has some pretty strong elements that most New Zealanders wouldn’t identify with, and I certainly wouldn’t myself.”

Mr Craig says his personal views on gay marriage, abortion, or any other divisive issues associated with conservative politics. have been widely reported in the media, but the party has no official stance.

“I don’t think discussion around these things is actually that beneficial or helpful for our nation, I’m not sure that you can legislate morality, I’m not sure that works well.”

Rodney electorate result 2011:

CRAIG, Colin CNSP 8,031 21%
MARTIN, Tracey NZF 1,476 4%
MITCHELL, Mark NAT 20,253 53%
MOORE, Teresa GP 2,694 7%
ROSE, Christine LAB 5,170 13%

Party result: Conservative Party 59,237 (2.65%)

On gay marriage:

“The marriage institution being a relationship between a man and a woman predates government. It is not the job of government to start re-defining marriage.

“There is nothing preventing gay people having meaningful relationships. We have provision for civil unions already.

“New Zealand has had enough social engineering; it’s time to bring government back to core services.”

“Political correctness doesn’t change how people think, it just prevents them speaking up. I am happy to speak up and go on record as one who would vote against this proposed bill.”

– Stuff Legalising gay marriage ‘social engineering’ – Craig 11/05/2012

“The issue is not whether lunchlessness is detrimental to learning, Rather the issue is a parents’ duty to provide for their children.”

“While free lunches sound appealing, they are actually a way by which the Government enables the continuation of delinquent parenting. Such proposals are an unwitting, well meaning, but destructive response.”

– 3 News ‘No free lunches’ for hungry kids, says Colin Craig Wed, 24 Oct 2012

“Why should a 70-year-old, who has had the same partner all their life, have to pay for a young woman who wants to sleep around?”

“People should be responsible for the consequences, and for meeting the cost of their own lifestyle choices.”

“We are the country with the most promiscuous young women in the world.”

“We are faced with a reality that the constant changing of partners is a decision young women are making. It’s a destructive decision on a lot of levels. Health is one of those, and it is a big cost to us.”

“If people are staying with the same partner for a long period of time and they chose contraceptive and they pay for it themselves, more power to them.”

– Radio NZ Conservatives reject birth control for beneficiaries 9 May 2012

“The differences between homosexuals as parents and a mum and a dad as parents are very, very significant,

Asked “Do you think you could choose to be gay if that is the case?

“Sure. Sure I could”.

“You could choose to be gay?”

“Yea, if I wanted to”.

– 3 News Colin Craig: ‘Gay parents not good role models’ Fri, 27 Jul 2012

“MPs have a duty to represent their electorate but John Key has chosen to ignore the views of the people of Helensville and carry on regardless. I was in the town a few weeks ago and was surprised at how many people were annoyed that he is not listening to them. There are people out there who simply don’t like to see their prime minister doing things like dancing on stage with transvestites, as he has done in the past”.

– 3 News Key shrugs off gay comments Sun, 02 Sep 2012

“I mean obviously it’s an international guest and she was put in a situation that was potentially embarrassing, and she has reacted to that. And as a country we want to avoid that.”

– 3 News Powhiri ‘grotesque’ – Danish politician Mon, 08 Apr 2013

“As a country seeking to establish positive international relations, cultural welcomes of this nature should be optional,” he said today.

“If guests choose not to be welcomed in this way, I’m sure a handshake and a cup of tea would go a long way.”

– 3 News Bare bottom welcomes `should be optional’ Mon, 08 Apr 2013

“Last night was not a vote of the people of New Zealand. If it had been, the answer would have been no.”

“It is a failure of democracy when those paid to represent the people end up making decisions the public oppose.”
“We have seen the public vote disregarded on law and order, on the number of MPs and on the Anti-Smacking Bill. Parliament’s unwillingness to even put the marriage issue to the people sadly comes as no surprise.”

“The Conservative Party began on the foundation of binding referenda, and last night’s decision only reinforces the need for us to enter Parliament.”

“The day of reckoning on the redefinition of marriage is still to come.”

– 3 News Gay marriage vote ‘a failure of democracy’ – Craig Thu, 18 Apr 2013

On The Civilian defamation threat:

“I’ve had people say, ‘Gee, I’m surprised you said that Colin’. Not everybody is able to tell the difference.”

“I take these things pretty seriously. We are a serious political party and want to go a long way, so making sure that what is reported on what I have said, is accurate is important.”

“But when it comes to statements being reported in the public sphere … there is no room for humour.”

– NZ Herald Colin Craig warns on satirical quote Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

“The problem is not everyone will understand what satire is”.

“It looks like it’s a quote from me and it’s clearly not. I take that pretty seriously.”

“We’re a party doing very well, we intend to be in Parliament after the next election – and should be, all things being equal – so we’re serious about this, and if people want to quote me, fine, but they do have to actually make sure it’s correct.”

“It’s actually a responsibility of someone publishing in the public space… when you’re quoting somebody, you’ve got to make sure that’s right. If you express an opinion, no problem, but a quote’s a quote and people understand what quotation marks mean.”

“It does matter that we’ve got our message clearly across and people do understand the difference between what somebody’s throwing out there as a joke and something that I’ve actually said, and that’s the line for me,” he says.

“This is not the first time I’ve done this, and I’ll continue to do it to make sure that people accurately report what I do say and what we as a party stand for.”

“At the end of the day, he’s made a mistake and I have to pay something to correct it.”

– 3 News Colin Craig abandons defamation suit Wed, 24 Apr 2013

”I found that entertaining, it’s in line with the site. It was a very appropriate way to sign it off.”

– Dominion Post Conservative Party withdraws legal action over satire 24/04/2013

“We have tried to be relatively strict with quotes – other times it has happened and no one has noticed.”

“Quotations is the only one we get concerned about. Our lawyers say ‘hey you’ve got to pull that off – change that or apologise’ – everybody has done it”.

“There is room for satire but it needs to have some level of respect.”

“The view that we can say what we like about politicians has done us [New Zealanders] some harm.”

“I never call people names or abuse them. But it becomes hard when they want to call me every name under the sun”.

“Do you stoop to the lowest common denominator and get down to name calling or try to maintain some integrity?”

– NZ Herald Craig defends right to sue Friday Apr 26, 2013

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