Daily Blog overdose?

Some interesting additions to The Daily Blogger list:

MAY DAY announcement:
Charles Chauvel among new bloggers to join ‘The Daily Blog’

In addition to Charles Chauvel, the following new bloggers will be joining The Daily Blog line-up:

Penny Hulse – Deputy Mayor of the Auckland SuperCity
Stuart Nash – Former Labour Party MP
Mika – Artist, performer and gay rights activist
Julie Fairey – Feminist blogger & local councillor
Matt Robson – Former Alliance MP & disarmament commentator
Harmeet Sooden – Peace Activist
James Macbeth Dann – Christchurch blogger
Michael Timmins – International Human Rights Lawyer
The Jackal – Left wing political blogger
Latifa Daud (Life on Wheels) – disability rights advocate
Dianne Khan – Education Blogger at Save our Schools
The Nomad – blogging out of Africa

These 13 bloggers join The Daily Blog’s current line-up of left-wing bloggers and progressive opinion shapers:

Matt McCarten, Professor Jane Kelsey, Laila Harre, John Minto, Sue Bradford, Keith Locke, Chris Trotter, Selwyn Manning, David Slack, Lynn Prentice, Aaron Hawkins, Allan Alach, Burnt out Teacher, Chris Flatt, Coley Tangerina, Dr Wayne Hope, Efeso Collins, Frank Macskasy, Gareth Renowden, James Ritchie, Marama Davidson, Mike Treen, Morgan Godfery, Phoebe Fletcher, Queen of Thorns, Steve Gray, Time Selwyn, Wayne Butson and The Liberal Agenda arts & culture reviews.


It’s an ambitious project but despite all the contributors it is still dominated by Martin Bradbury.

There’s pros and cons with such a massive author list. The Daily Blog has some interesting posts amongst all the clutter but a saturation of leftie opinion won’t necessarily add up to a stronger overall message.

And joining the crowd won’t guarantee a bigger audience, it will be harder to be noticed amongst such a long lineup.


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