Gilmore digs deeper with half arsed apologies

Aaron Gilmore “apologised” in Twitter:

Aaron Gilmore ‏@aarongilmore

I’ve apologised again for any offence that may have been taken from the behaviour of my group and I that a waiter may have received on Sat.

That’s no better than his last attempt, and repeating the same mistake makes it worse.

Toby Manhire at The Listener: “which frankly amounts to a fraction rather less than half-arsed”.

A fairly big fraction.

Gilmore has been reported to be refusing to do any interviews, but has issued a media statement.

Aaron Gilmore
National Party MP

Media Statement

2 May 2013

MP Aaron Gilmore apologises

National List MP Aaron Gilmore is this morning apologising to staff and patrons at the Heritage Hotel Hamner Springs following a dinner he atended there on Saturday 27 April.

“As a group of diners our behaviour was at times boisterous and I sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused any staff and/or patrons”, Mt Gilmore said.

“I intend to convey my apologies on behalf of the group to hotel staff and understand that Members of Parliament should uphold, and be seen to uphold, the highest of standards at all times”.

“On this occasion I believe as a group, our behaviour fell short of this mark, and I should have recognised this at the time”.

“I also plan to pass my apologies on to the Prime Minister for failing to meet the standards I believe National MP’s should uphold.

That’s another half arsed apology, trying to spread the blame across the whole group and failing to accept full responsibility for his own behaviour. As per my previous post – Aaron Gilmore – dickhead unapologetic – one of that group was embarassed by Gilmores own specific behaviour:

A lawyer friend of Christchurch-based MP Aaron Gilmore was so embarrassed by the politician’s behaviour after a bottle and a half of wine that he wrote an apology to hotel staff.

Riches last night confirmed he left the note for the waiter, saying he did so because he felt Gilmore had been “a bit rude” and he felt “a bit embarrassed by what happened”.

The Press understands the note apologised on behalf of Gilmore for his “appalling” conduct and congratulated the waiter on his professionalism.

Gilmore is still failing to meet the standards expected of any MP.

And MP mistakes lead to a lot more scrutiny. Toby Manhire has added to his post at The Listener:

Postscript: An afterthought. Maybe it was all just research. For guess who said:

We cannot legislate away New Zealand’s binge-drinking culture, but legislation can contribute to a culture change.


We are all worried about the impacts of alcohol; we are all worried about the impacts of alcohol on young people in particular. As one of the youngest members of this House, I have recently experienced and seen many of the things that alcohol can do to young people. In my time as a young man, I have been one of the generation that has been a guinea pig for alcohol laws.


Youth are not always the sole problem in regard to drinking. I can tell members that the most scared I have ever been in my entire life was when I was a bar manager in Christchurch, on the night of a male strip revue, and 20 middle-aged women were liquored up to the max, to the extent that I was frightened to leave the building and I locked myself in the toilet. I was the most frightened I had ever been in my entire life. When 20 drunken middle-aged women were chasing me, looking for action, I can tell members that that was the most frightening moment of my life.


I have seen many, many middle-aged people out of control from drinking. A number of members of this House have had their problems with drinking, with drink-driving, and with other things needing professional help for their drinking.


I enjoy a social drink with my friends and whānau, and I would hate to see a move to restrict too far the law-abiding people who wish to pick up a bottle of wine at the supermarket and enjoy it with good food, or to see a restriction on my ability to know what is the biggest special on wine at my supermarket.

That’s from A balanced plan for alcohol reform

A balanced to apologies and alcohol reform might be in order.

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