Because it’s funny…

There’s a wide variety of stuff on political blogs. Amongst the serious and the tedious there can be genuinely funny exchanges, like this at The Standard.


No the point is that the Nats and others who believe in the neoliberal ideal believe in the self, not society.. Look after yourself as Mrs Thatcher said “there is no such thing as society.” Hence the arrogance and superiority within true Nat only have to read through an average Standard thread just to see this contemptuous and smug approach.

I don’t think he quite made himself clear there, but anyway, King Kong replied:

In my personal experience I have never witnessed a single example where a tory has been anything other than totally egalitarian. Then again I should expect those kinds of accusations from a plebian underling like you.

And the ever modest Lynn Prentice:

FFS I did a MBA nearly 30 years ago. Do you think that I have forgotten how to beat the market since that training in finance? It simply isn’t hard. It is also something that is quite boring compared to almost every other activity…

It is only a complete fool (or the archetypal National loyalist) that thinks that the required degree in personal selfishness and greed to be blind to other people has much to do with skill sets.

King Kong was on a roll:

Fuck lprent, you’re amazing.

You could take down wall street if you wanted to but you just don’t want to.

Maybe you have to know them but a few obviously saw the funny side.

Update: a classic lprent response:

I realise that subtlety isn’t your strong point (basically you’re a moron in that), but the whole point of my comment was – why would I want to do something as boring as just making money? It is boring as a National or Act party stalwart.


National and Act party stalwarts can certainly be more boring than this.

And Blue on a side thread:

KK you’re on fire today. Blue, BA(Hons), BE(Hons), MBA, EdD. See I’ve got one too.

lprent again:

I did make the point that I got that nearly 30 years ago when it was actually useful. Now I realise you didn’t understand that what I was talking about was a time when every fool (like yourself) didn’t have one. In 1985 there were something like 50 MBA places in NZ. Now there are probably closer to a several thousand.

King Kong:

Incredible. And here I was thinking that I couldn’t adore you any more

The naughty corner might not be long away.

Not only is lprent at the top of the heap of blog gurus and programmers, and he could cream the financial markets if he wasn’t so selfless, but he also provides some of the best blog humour – albeit inadvertently, unless he is also an expert self spoofer. The only one in the same class is Redbaiter.

Satirists like Dim Post, Imperator Fish and The Civilian have to try hard to keep the quantity and quality up, and all can have their off days and writer’s block (The Civilian may not be there yet), but lprent and Redbaiter can do it without batting an eyelid, consistently, flawlessly and, like, forever.

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