Helen Kelly right and wrong on Gilmore

Helen Kelly has added to the growing criticisms of Aaron Gilmore – Unions call for Gilmore to resign

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said Gilmore’s behaviour toward the waiter demonstrated his ”completely unacceptable attitude”.

Gilmore had abused a position of power, she said, and shown an ”absolute disregard for the law, and the respect for working people”.

He had also not considered the impact the ordeal would have on the waiter and his livelihood, she said.

”You put yourself in this young person’s position and that’s a very very difficult position to be in.

”In a place like Hanmer where employment is not plentiful it’s a huge threat.”

Kelly believed Gilmore should face serious consequences for his actions.

So far Kelly is right.

”If he won’t resign I think they should kick him out,” she said.

No, Gilmore is a list MP and can’t be kicked out,. That’s why Brendon Horan remains an MP despite Winston’s disapproval of him.

”This issue raises questions on the nature of the National Party.”

Not really, no more than Kelly getting involved in petty political pointscoring would raise questions about the nature of the Council of Trade Unions.

This is clearly the actions of one MP who wouldn’t have been returned to Parliament if Kelly’s Labour Party hadn’t done so badly in the last election.

Whether Gilmore resigns or not his political future looks short. Colin Espiner explains:

There isn’t an awful lot Key can do to Gilmore in the short term, given he has no portfolios to be stripped of and no real responsibility for anything besides his account at Bellamy’s. The Heritage Hotel has said it is unlikely to file a complaint that could trigger disciplinary procedures against him.

But list MPs live or die by the party’s favour, and Gilmore shouldn’t expect a particularly high list ranking next year.

National are most likley going to have less MPs after the election next year anyway, and if Gilmore makes it onto the list it sounds like it will be too low to make the cut.

In 2011 Gilmore was the lowest ranked sitting MP on National’s list at 53.

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  1. Darryl

     /  3rd May 2013

    Ugh, to Helen Kelly. I can’t stand the woman. I bet if it was a Labour list MP, she would take a different stance altogether. John Key will decide what to do about Aaron Gilmore, and doesn’t need the inept Ms Kelly, telling him what to do. I say get rid of ALL list MP’s. If your not voted in by the public and hold a constituent seat, you shouldn’t be in Parliament, hence get rid of MMP. We don’t need all these hangers on, that are getting paid for nothing.

  2. Brown

     /  3rd May 2013

    What a coincidence. His IQ and number on the party list match. He is simply an expensive beneficiary. I hate being rude but hate arrogant prats more so have caved into the lesser evil.


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