Anti-Christian conspiracy


Some Christians seem to think they are being targeted and persecuted. As blogged on Blaming it on the marriage bill there are comments around social media that suggest any gay news, especially any gay complaints, are evidence of the slippery slope to moral decay and suppression of Christianity that some said the Marriage Bill would trigger.

There seems to be an anti-Christian conspiracy growing, as this blog post illustrates:

Family First is not the first NZ charity to be targeted by the state for the views it holds

McCoskrie rightly points out that: “this is evidence that groups that think differently to the prevailing politically correct view will be targeted in an attempt to shut them up”, and that your country “is in trouble when a family group speaking up, publishing research, and holding conferences on traditional family values is deemed to be of no public benefit, and is in the public interest to be punished.”

Now just in case you think that this is an isolated incident, you need to think again.

I know for a fact that another NZ charity was interrogated about its views on certain issues pertaining to abortion and homosexuality by the Charities Commission several months before the gay marriage bill was even drawn from the ballot.

Make no mistake about it, NZ has been captured by certain ideological interests which are more than willing to use the mechanisms of the state against anyone who dares to publicly dissent or express contrary views.

And if you want to blame Helen Clark’s Labour-led government for this you need to think again. The current charities commission was the brainchild of United Future’s Peter Dunne, and that both of these incidents took place during the second term of the current National-led government.


If this targeting of Family First is allowed to proceed, then such acts of state persecution of those deemed to be ideological dissidents will only get worse in this country with each passing year.

And it won’t matter which political flavor of government happens to hold power, because ultimately this is about the false idea that the state or popular opinion, and not truth, should determine right from wrong, and how the state wields its authority.

Welcome to the new order NZ.

This seems to be playing the “poor us” Christian card a bit much.

The Charities Commission operates under Acts of Parliament. The laws are applied regardless of religion. Any organisation operating primarily as a political lobby group won’t qualify as a charity. Greenpeace were unregistered. That will have as much to do with homosexuality as the Family First deregistration.

A comment just posted by cossackstomper   at Kiwiblog:

Well this is what happens when you let the Poof out of the bottle. The flow of sewage is everlasting next they will say its illegal to be straight or have straight weddings in a church. There are number of very viscous gay extremists who will stop at nothing to try and prove they are normal .When the whole world know they are anything but normal

That’s more extreme than most but that general message is becoming common.

Another, by the aptly named ‘krazykiwi’:

I think we’ll find that interpretation of charitable status will be open & flexible in support of progressive/liberal causes, and rigid in blocking conservative causes.

God help them.

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  1. Darryl

     /  6th May 2013

    To be honest, I don’t believe the Christian belief is any more obsessed than the Gay’s were with there continual bleating about Gay Marriage. They didn’t like anyone challenging there opinion, so what is the difference.

    • Some Christians are different, they think this is some grand plan of persecution. It’s getting weirder and more widespread.

  2. Darryl

     /  6th May 2013

    Ok Pete. What I say is some Gay’s are weird, and they are highly sensitive people, that think the whole world is against them. I can see more trouble, as every day goes past, they will never be happy.

  3. Darryl

     /  6th May 2013

    LOL, so the is no real argument is there! Just groups of people trying to justify there habits.

  4. Brown

     /  6th May 2013

    Time will tell if this is a step along the way to making church life challenging in NZ and I suspect most devout Christians don’t care about it at the end of the day. There’s enough misery, need and persecution elsewhere in the world to keep them busy.

  5. Harry Young

     /  15th May 2013

    There is no anti-Christian conspiracy. No need, it’s dying out naturally.


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