Blaming it on the marriage bill

Bob McCoskrie is blaming the deregistration of Family First as a charity on his views of the marriage bill – NZ Herald reports:

Family First NZ says it will be deregistered as a charity because of its views on gay marriage.

He said the decision was highly politicised and showed groups that think differently to the politically correct view will be targeted.

There’s some irony calling the decision “highly politicised “, it’s likely the decision was in part because of the highly political nature of much of Family First’s activities – see Family First stripped of charity status.

Also in the Herald:

Homosexual rejected, heads to tribunal

A homosexual man is taking the Anglican Bishop of Auckland to the Human Rights Tribunal after being rejected for training as a priest.

A hearing begins today following a complaint from the man, who says he feels discriminated against because of his sexuality.

It is understood the man – who is in a sexual relationship with his partner – has wanted to enter the church’s training programme for priests for years.

But after applying to enter after years of study, he was rejected by the Bishop Ross Bay, who approves entrants.

Bishop Bay told One News last night that he was simply following the church’s doctrines.

The man was rejected “by reason of the defendant not being chaste in terms of canons of the Anglican Church,” the bishop said.

That would appear to be unrelated, but in a discussion on this on Kiwiblog – Leave the churches alone – a swarm of commenters are blaming this on the marriage bill too:

Urban Redneck:

Social liberals who thought homosexual “marriage” was all about “love”, “commitment” and “equality” better wise up soon.

These homo-fascists will not stop until all opposition or disapproval of their sordid lifestyles are criminalized or eliminated thru the legislative and enforcement power of government.


Don’t worry DPF – the churches will get hammered and will lose their status as charities fairly soon. And this is already happening.

Bob McCroskey at Family first has emailed that his organisation is about to lose its status as a charity explicitly because of its advocacy of traditional marriage, as being between a man and a woman.

That’s the trouble when you don’t believe in God. The state becomes your God. So the state In its Godlike wisdom has decided that the views of family first are unacceptable and so it will be deregistered as a charity. Its views, that marriage is between a man and a woman, are now deemed not in the public interest.

This will happen to the churches shortly. Apart from those churches that cave in and decide to ordain homosexuals and become gay friendly and other unscriptural nonsense.

So persecution will occur. The gay lobby will brook no opposition.


But without a firm foundation for your laws and customs anything is possible and quite bizarre elitist brainfarts become law as the ridiculous concept of homosexual “marriage” becoming possible so firmly attests

Scott again:

So we believe that happiness and prosperity in a nation and in the people come when we follow God’s laws. When we willfully put in place laws that are against God’s teaching, such as gay marriage, then we can expect our nation to decline and its people to suffer.

When I said:

I don’t see what this has to do with the marriage bill. And if it did, so what?

Is any gay grievance from now on going to be blamed on the marriage bill?

kowtow responded:

It’s all about equality. So it all comes together under the socialist banner of “equality”.

To some any threat to their religious beliefs is seen as a threat to society and anything associated with this is regarded as a part of the same assualt on their church.

With Colin Craig and Family First targeting next year’s election as a way to campaigning for what they believe in this targeting of any gay grievance is likely to continue.

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  1. Apparently Peter Dunne was behind the Charities Commission. Is this correct?

  1. Anti-Christian conspiracy | Your NZ

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