Charity ruling on Family First

Accompanying  a letter to Family First dated 26th April from Internal Afairs Charity Services…

FamFirst Letter

…the reasons for deregistering Family First as a charity were detailed. Curiously this was sent about two weeks ago, Family First only publicised it this week claiming they were being punished for opposing the marriage bill.

The Marriage Bill passed it’s third and final vote on April 17th.

Here is the main part of the decision summary:

FamFirst Ruling

Link to full ruling document:

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  1. Bob McCoskrie

     /  8th May 2013

    Exactly Pete. Why was the decision made BEFORE the 3rd reading of the gay marriage bill, but not communicated to us until last week???? That’s the question we’ve asked the Commission in the OIA. The decision was actually promised late January / early Feb.

  2. Thanks for the link, Bob. I knew you were bigoted, but I didn’t realise how bigoted.

    Just what does your clique do that is charitable?

    • bobmccoskrie

       /  8th May 2013

      So predictable. Usual lazy labels.
      At least we deal in facts – not cheap shots.
      You really should just read WhaleOil

      • I can’t stand Slater, I don’t read his blog. But at least he has the guts (last time I looked anyway. Yes, just checked, he still does) allow comments on his blog. Why don’t you, Bob?

        So, deal in facts, and tell us just what it is that family first does that is “charitable”


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