Vile Blogpost of The F—-n Year

The degree of vitriol for suggesting a different approach to dealing with some kids being hungry at school is quite surprising – and having been around the blogosphere for a few years I’ve seen a lot of political vitriol.

The Daily Blog has had blog posts on the issue, and one specifically directed at what I posted here recently. See:

These posts and some comments, as well as comments here, have been at times over the top. The Daily Blog also has a daily roundup of blog posts, and in The Daily Blog Watch Thursday 9 April they included:

Vile Blogpost of The F—-n Year

From Peter Dunne:  Dunne won’t “Feed the Kids”

To hades with your black heart, Dunne.

Remember, that’s simply because Dunne suggested something different – he disagreed with the blanket Feed the Kids bill and prefers a more targeted  approach.

But it’s not all heavy duty attack politics, there can be lighter moments.  In Why Peter Dunne won’t “Feed the Kids” a comment by Jackal:

In my opinion you, Pete George, should feel ashamed for supporting Dunne’s wretched and fasle justifications for doing nothing… Don’t be expecting to walk through the pearly gates with such an attitude.

Gotta laugh at that, being told I won’t go to heaven for not supporting a Mana Party bill. The last time I was told I won’t go to heaven was recently, for supporting the marriage equality bill.

There’s a very good reason for separating religion from politics.

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  1. Darryl

     /  11th May 2013

    Pete, just laugh at these morons. There a very sad lot, with there bully tactics.

  2. The attitude that there is only one correct solution, and anyone else is immoral for arguing against it, is ludicrous and ultimately the vitriol pouring out of those hearts makes me wonder if they really do have the interests of the kids at heart, or if some other “greater cause” matters more.


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