Have Fairfax leaked to Peters?

Who has leaked information about the Kitteridge GCSB report leak to Winston Peters? Unless he is making everything up he must be getting information from one or more leakers.

But some things Peters says are very puzzling.

Peters claims to have information that Peter Dunne is the Kitteridge report leaker. In the select committee where the story broke on Wednesday he said:

“My assertion is that you did leak the report.”

As a number of people have said, Peter Dunne would be a most unlikely leaker.

And Peters seems convinced that the leak was done by phone. He said in Parliament yesterday:

Why are the phone records, in which the evidence lies in this case, not being asked of Ministers, in particular Mr Peter Dunne?

All the evidence is in those phone records and your minister is gone.

So he thinks Dunne leaked the Kitteridge report to Vance by phone.

Winston Peters has a long history of manipulating media to string stories along for maximum attention seeking. If he’s not making things up (perhaps based on rumours) where is he getting information from? I can think of several possibilities:

  • Peter Dunne is the leaker and has told Peters how he did it.
  • David Henry knows or suspects Dunne leaked and has told Peters, either directly or indirectly.
  • Someone else closely involved with the Henry investigation has told Peters.
  • Andrea Vance (or someone in the know at Fairfax) has revealed who leaked the Kitteridge report to her, and how it was leaked.

Dunne leaking about being the leaker is even too absurd for this story.

David Henry leaking to Peters is also very unlikely. And Peters was highly critical of Henry in Parliament yesterday:

Why would anyone have confidence in an inquiry headed by David Henry, who is not taking evidence on oath, not keeping an electronic record of witnesses’ answers to questions, not demanding phone records, and whose forensic incompetence saw him jump ship from the Inland Revenue Department just before the Winebox Inquiry was so damning to the Inland Revenue Department? What about this bespeaks an in-house snow job?

Someone close to Henry and the leak inquiry could be leaking but according to Peters that would have to be based on an incompetent inquiry and not having any evidence.

For all of Peters’ claims to stack up he would have had to be informed that Dunne leaked the Kitteridge report by phone from his Parliamentary office.

That detail of information could only come from:

  • Dunne or his staff.
  • Vance or someone at Fairfax.
  • GCSB (that would be bizarre!)

If Vance or Fairfax have revealed a confidential source that should raise big concerns. It would be simple to rule this in or out.

Vance and Fairfax should give an assurance they have not revealed their source. They could do this without giving any indication who the source could have been.

That would leave Winston Peters – fact or fiction? Has he concocted a grand story out of his imagination, perhaps based on rumours?

And another puzzle – why is Dunne the only minister to have been investigated and interviewed by Henry? Someone must have given him reason to do this.

Someone who is not happy with what Henry has failed to prove.

Peter Dunne has acknowledged he has seen a part of Henry’s draft report relevant to his involvement in the inquiry.

So a further puzzle – has Peters seen Henry’s draft report (or been told about it) and is unhappy with what it hasn’t discovered?

That would be yet another leak.

Winston Peters demands written and oral answers to his questions as he tries to hold Ministers to account. Why is Peters not being held to account in Parliament? He has some history of untrustworthiness. He is making very serious accusations under protection of Parliamentary privilege.

If Winston Peters is right on this it would probably be career ending for Peter Dunne – and that is the obvious aim of Peters. If Peters is wrong should it be career ending for him?

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  1. I am concerned that Peters has attacked Peter Dunne. One of the most respected of parliamentarians is accused, of what is a crime and I find that disgusting. There is no way Peter Dunne would ruin his career by doing such immature acts.

  2. Brown

     /  31st May 2013

    Dunne? A politician? Respected? Pfffft.
    A healthy democracy is one where the political leaders lie in bed at night wondering if the latest scam against the citizens is going to get out. This is a hint that we are not yet completely lost.


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