Explaining the United Future position

Update: 120 new members signed up in 2 days.

From a post at FishnHunt.co.nz by United Future board member Alan Simmons.

I don’t think people understand nor the media, and even if they did they don’t want to…

The electoral commission requires that the secretary signs that we have 500 verified members ..that they are eligible voters (not kids or visitors) that they be over 18, that they have paid a sub, that we have contacted them and verified their membership and to do that we have their phone number and email address.

They must have applied to be members (not affiliated by belonging to some other organisation ((union, marae, environmental organisations, ect)) )

So our secretary comes along and says to us board I’m not signing that declaration as I can go to jail and I don’t really know if last years members agree to being members this year.

What happens is political parties have a membership list in election year and accept those people are members for three years and then in election year they gather up a heap more.

When we started going though the list we find some have died, some were now overseas, some were pissed off with Peter over the gay vote and so it goes on.

You have to realise their even is some resentment about the emerging influence of the outdoors vote within the party. I can tell you we are now 70 or more percent of the party. I know one who resigned because of the anti 1080 position.

So we need to rebuild the party list so that our secretary could sign it with his hand on heart and if checked they wouldn’t find anything miss.

We have tried to be honest and upfront on this and I can imagine the other parties will come in for some scrutiny because of our honesty and you may see a lot more happen as time goes by.

If we had of signed off on the  lists we had, then imagine the news that we signed a false declaration.

We had no option as the declaration had to be in by end of April extended to May.  So we asked the electoral commission if we could deregister for a short period while we restructured…. and we then sent them a letter asking to be voluntarily deregistered.

I also am keen to remould the party and this was a good opportunity to do so.

The outdoors will end up stronger as a result of this move. remember the party had predominantly religious and all sorts of members from everywhere (united future was an amalgamation of christian, futurist and others) when the outdoors party merged with them….many of those have fled as they don’t like the outdoors influence and so on..That’s fine, they have gone to the conservatives and that has left us moving more towards a outdoors party.

It takes time to restructure and move from one predominant membership base to another and we just have to stay the journey.

If you can support us then do so …. at the moment I am in a strong position on the board as the outdoors position within the party strengthens.


I might add that hundreds have joined in the last two days from all over NZ and most have signaled that the outdoors is their main reason for joining… Its on the joining form now, so I know ….. Eventually I will be able to actually give a percentage of outdoors people within the party.

From my perspective if we have a clean strong membership list then we are so much ahead for next years election, as I believe any party relying on the last elections membership list is fooling themselves…

My opinion is the party that will re register soon, will be stronger, more focused regarding its members interests, and in a better position to communicate and engage with members.

– Alan Simmons, United Future board member

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  1. Well done Alan, I believe the Board being honest, upfront is what is more important than petty media baits. (not intended as pun on outdoors).

  2. robertguyton

     /  2nd June 2013

    So many words to obscure the UF failure to do as it should.

  3. robertguyton

     /  2nd June 2013

    Explaining is losing – another Keeping Stockism 🙂

  4. Interested member of the public

     /  6th June 2013

    If the party was short by about 100 members on Friday, as reported in the media, and it got 120 new members signed up over the weekend… Then why is the President now saying that they still need another 10?

  5. Which part of the English language do you DICKS not understand? Naysayers do not get to have their day at all!

  6. zephyr52

     /  6th June 2013

    I love Dicks


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