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Green Party Values

As a party and as members of that party, we aim to:

  1. Act according to our Charter unless something else might get us power
  2. Respect the planet and the web of life of which we are one party, albeit the one and only party that can save us
  3. Take the path of caution banning in the face of serious any uncertainty about the consequences of human action
  4. Think long term and holistically – or 18 months and ballistically when mid term
  5. Make decisions by consensus whenever possible but if they don’t agree then our ideals are superior
  6. Engage respectfully, without personal attacks unless they deserve our derision
  7. Support ideas on their merit, regardless of where they originate on the left
  8. Actively respect cultural and individual diversity and celebrate differences that comply with our social views
  9. Maintain a community focus except where the community is ignorant of our superior aims
  10. Enable participation with dignity and challenge oppression of our magnificent message
  11. Encourage new voices and cherish wisdom that must speak against that nasty capitalism
  12. Recognise our duty of care towards those who cannot speak for themselves, if they cannot speak we will speak for them, all quiet New Zealanders must agree with us, right?
  13. Foster compassion, a sense of humour and mutual enjoyment in our work, Russel, Russel?
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  1. Funny – does say a lot about partisan politics

  2. robertguyton

     /  2nd June 2013

    Russel’s overstepped the mark, you reckon?

    Good on him! Now we have a fighter at our head. Just what we need.

    • Brown

       /  3rd June 2013

      Good luck with that RG. Blindly following the blind will end in tears.


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