The Standard on power of blogs

Anthony Robins has posted at The Standard on the power of blogs. He writes about recent publicity about National ‘consultant’ Simon Lusk and his relationship with Cameron Slater and his Whale Oil blog. He raises the issue of paid blogging.

As to the vexed relationship between blogs and money, as is clear from recent rants on the Lusk/Slater Whaleoil blog, with a right wing blog you don’t know if posts have been bought and paid for.

But then he tries to differentiate his own Standard blog:

I think I can pretty safely state for the record that no Standard author has ever been paid to write anything here, and would never accept money to do so under any circumstances (authors please contradict me if I am wrong!). 

I don’t expect some authors to say anything, they would rather not reveal that they are paid to promote party PR and use The Standard to do this.

Mike Smith is open about the fact he works for David Shearer, and his posts are often obviously on behalf of his employer.

Some of the other Standard authors are widely believed to be employed by unions or political parties and use The Standard as a part of that employment. They are being paid to blog.

Round here what you see is what you get.

That’s a laughable claim. I’m sure Anthony believes it, and with him it is true, but there is a lot of deceitful political posting by other Standard authors.

Pseudonyms are used to try and hide who Standard authors are paid by and post on behalf of.

At least names like Eddie and Zetetic are obvious pseudonyms. Deceitful, but openly deceitful.

But using what appears to be a person’s name, like ‘James Henderson’, to disguise the real identity of the writer and hide from the readers who they are working for is blatantly dishonest.

lprent, who is widely known as Lynn Prentice, will huff and waffle in an attempt at diversion – including his usual attack-the-messenger pettiness – but that won’t hide the facts.

Despite Robin’s naive claims some of The Standard authors are paid political mouthpieces.

No one is likely to be surprised that Labour uses anonymous propagandists.

But the lack of openness and transparency of the Green Party  is not only deceitful but also hypocritical.

Hey Clint, it simply isn’t good enough for a party that used to have principles. The power of blogs is not always positive.

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