Is ‘James Henderson’ Clint Smith?

David Farrar beats around the bush on Kiwiblog in asking A question:

Which prominent blogger has been on the parliamentary payroll for the last 18 months to two years as a parliamentary communications advisor to a political party?

Would not a failure to publicly disclose this be a shocking breach of ethics?

Will the media ask party leaders the names of all their communications advisors, and see which one fesses up?

It’s a fairly good bet Farrar is referring to authors at The Standard, in particular ‘James Henderson’ and possibly ‘Eddie’ and ‘Zetetic’.

It’s been fairly widely suggested that ‘James Henderson’ is the now infamous “Hey Clint” Smith. If Clint can advise that he does not directly or indirectly use that pseudonym (nor any of his co-PR staff at Greens) then I will blog acknowledgement of that as a clarification.

It has at least been confirmed that James Henderson is a Green Party person, and whether it is Clint or not it’s a dishonest misuse of pseudonym to present as a person using a full name when that is not your name.

lprent (Lynn Prentice) makes all sorts of excuses for this dishonesty (you can also question who uses ‘Eddie’ and ‘Zetetic’) but usually resorts to attacking the messenger, which is a sure sign the messenger is close to the mark.

The credibility of The Standard as a forum for the labour left is severely damaged by this ongoing dishonesty and lack of transparency. And there is a strong labour-Green association involved.

So the credibility of the Greems is in question.

The easiest way to clarify is to get an answer. Hey Clint?

I’ll post any response in full.

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  1. zephyr52

     /  6th June 2013

    leave clint alone, anyone into same sex stuff is ok in my book. “get in behind”


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