Comment censored at The Daily Blog?

The Daily Blog had been good at letting comments go through moderation, but I just posted there this afternoon and a comment that initially seemed to be accepted has since disappeared.

My first experience of message control or blocking people they don’t want, or maybe The Daily Blog can explain? If not this doesn’t bode well for a blog that has ambitions of being a credible major blog.

I was responding to a comment by Frank Macskasy in the post A Dunne Drama: Let’s focus on the important bit – the policy as follows:

It might devolve to the Green and Mana Parties to lead a counter-revolution against our growing Surveillance Society.

Russel Norman is backing Peters’ call for a police prosecution of Peter Dunne for leaking the report. And more – he wants to force Dunne to give up all evidence and confess.

“Yesterday, Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the inquiry into the leak to Fairfax Media does not confirm whether Mr Dunne in fact did it, and police need to investigate and force Mr Dunne to release his email exchange with Dominion Post journalist Andrea Vance.”

And Grant Robertson is suggesting similar.

Bryce Edwards warns:

“There’s always problems when the Police get involved in the political and media realm. It can have a very chilling affect on politics and journalism,” Dr Edwards says

The threat of prosecution for any political leaks or whistle blowing is indeed a chilling prospect.

So may you’ll have to rely on Mana without the Greens.

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  1. As Keeping Stock about blocking comments. He does it constantly, to a number of people.

    • Yes, but from what I’ve seen you’ve had plenty of warnings there.

      I had no warning at The Daily Blog, it just disappeared.

      And I’ve just done a test – at 12.25 I posted a non controversial comment. As usual it went into moderation, and stalled there until just now, one hour twenty minutes later, when it has disappeared.

      The Daily Blog has a slow turnover of comments, this isn’t surprising with the way they moderate.

      And it appears I’m now being blocked from commenting at all there, but with no warning or notice or explanation.

      That sort of moderation dooms The Daily Blog as a serious forum for discussion.

      And unlike you Robert I don’t repeatedly harass and abuse people.


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