Challenging Peters’ racism, and ambush hypocrisy

Campbell Live ran an item on Winston Peters tonight, questioning claims Peters made in a speech to Grey Power in Takapuna entitled “Auckland, super city or sin city?”

Winston Peters’ sin city claims investigated

In it, he used the word “China” 21 times and he asked the question “who’s running things here, us or them?”

Is there any other immigrant group that gets singled out like that?

It was all in a speech that refers to corruption, crime, money laundering, shady dealing, pokey machines, sex workers, cheating Asian students, a slave trade, drug importation and the seven deadly sins.

So Campbell Live asked Winston Peters for proof.

The item ran through a number of claims made by Peters and disputed them all, backed by various people knowledgeable or expert in their fields.

Emma Espiner@emmawehipeihana

Nice to see some actual facts to challenge Winston’s ridiculous racism tonight. Thanks @rebeccawright and @CampbellLiveNZ

John Campbell said they wanted to interview Peters around Auckland to try and elicit justifications and show examples of his claims. Campbell said a prepared studio interview with Peters is often futile as Peters won’t answer questions.

Reporter Rebecca Wright was then shown meeting Peters as he arrived off a plane at Auckland Airport. She asked him questions on the couple of hundred metre walk to his taxi.

It was a fruitless discussion with claim and counter claim of lying.


You’re lying. NO, YOU’RE LYING! This might be the funniest segment I have seen in my life. @CampbellLiveNZ

It even led to a threat to sue:


“I will sue you. I will sue your programme.” Tonight @CampbellLiveNZ

That’s rich from Peters threatening to sue, supposedly for (as he claimed) lying about him. He’s been making many things up and accusing people of criminal offences and suggesting salacious behaviour wihtout producing any evidence.

Some praise for Wright.

Juanita Copeland@JuanitaCopes

@rebeccawright gold star for enduring yet another arrogant winston peters “chat”. He’s a piece of work. Excellent grace under fire Rebecca

And Peters bit back.

Winston Peters@winstonpeters

Gutter journalism from Campbell Live. Offered to do a live interview, but instead they lurked at the airport for an ambush.

That’s also rich from Peters, who seems to spend his time in Parliament trying to ambush opponents. Two weeks ago he ambushed Peter Dunne in a select committee with off topic accusations. So crying about an ambush hypocritical from him, as usual.

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  1. Peters deserves everything that he gets. But don’t forget; Campbell Live always has an agenda, and it may this time be to try and kill off any possible coalition between Peters and National that might kill off the chances of Greens sitting around the Cabinet table.


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