United Future have the numbers, try to re-register

United Future have applied to register but the  Electoral Commission are making it difficult.

The EC is insisting they register as a new party. This is odd, the party remained in existence, it was simply honest enough to say it may have dropped below the required 500. The party now has well over 500 members.

United Future applies for re-registration

Party president Robin Gunston says there’s been a surge in renewals and new members and it now has more than 500, but the commission is treating it as a new party.

“They regard this as the registration of a brand new party, not one just deregistered 11 days ago that they had previous information about,” he said.

“For a new party they will only accept a signed paper copy of a member’s application… we offered a full electronic record of all membership details requested plus a log of traceable electronic payments from members but it seems this does not suffice.”

Perhaps the EC needs to modernise it’s thinking. Insisting on original paper records and refusing to accept electronic records is very archaic.

No existing party has to provide any records of membership, they simply have to sign a pledge that they have the required numbers.

If United Future have to get signed applications from all members despite many of them having applied electronically they will have had to prove membership to a degree that no other party in Parliament has had to do.

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  1. Quentin Todd

     /  12th June 2013

    Unbelievable nonsense.

  2. Darryl

     /  12th June 2013

    I thought that the Electoral Commission had given UF the time to get there membership in order. Why the change of heart now, and are they applying this rule to every Party. Sounds very suspect to me.


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