Jane Clifton on leaks, and more tasty morsels

Bryce Edwards has tweeted a series of quotes by Jane Clifton on issues surrounding the recent leak and other political pointers.

Parliament is in a ‘sanctimony-fest about the propriety of leaks, leakers and leakees’.

None of the players seem to realise they are merely wrestling for the right to be considered the most blatantly hypocritical

Labour beats its chest about the impropriety of this one leak, it remains unrepentant about its own veritable irrigation scheme

it’s mendacious to hold the one set of leaks to be righteous and the other punishable by political death

Labour is on slippery slope: emails ‘should be compulsorily published if there’s a question of the politician’s conduct at issue’

Labour is relying/hoping on National to make its critique of the Greens

‘signs of quite belligerent muscularity from the Green leadership… concentrating more power in the hierarchy than the grass roots’

Peters is a vampire: ‘Winston is suspiciously ageless and of long-established nocturnal habit’

Peters ‘can be dormant for long periods, then explode into public scattering corpses and gore like a hand grenade’ = vampire

Peters ‘could be a political vampire, werewolf or zombie leader, or a hybrid of the three’

Norman ‘has become relentless and hectoring when contradicted’

Norman ‘can be found… brawling at length on Twitter with journalists and other individuals who have disagreed with him’.

Ahh, it’s from here:

Jane Clifton (Listener): The (self) importance of being Winston http://bit.ly/19s6G05  – paywalled must-read on unholy NZF-L-G alliance.


 Just providing some tasty morsels from it!

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