What has Andrea Vance said about it?

What has Andrea Vance said about the David Henry report, the Peter Dunne resignation and comments, and the media aftermath? The attacks and insinuations and assumptions made about her role have been widespread and often nasty and demeaning.

Misogynistic has been mentioned quite a bit – “having or showing a hatred and distrust of women”.

Katie Bradford-Crozier reignited discussion yesterday with Egalitarian NZ’s big step backwards in response to a column by Deborah Hill Cone – Better to blend in than be tempting target.

In one followup discussion on Kiwiblog Angry Journalists there is a lot of coments tending towards misogynistic, but a reasonable comment asked:

Has Andrea Vance herself commented on this? Has she come out and categorically stated that she did not lead Dunne on in any way? I don’t know, hence the question.

Vance has been out of the country while all this has been going on but via Twitter she has given an idea of what she thinks.

@LI_politico 9 Jun
@ONENewsNZ “female journalist” wonder where people are getting the idea to undermine @avancenz as journo. #eatingtheirown

@avancenz 9 Jun
@LI_politico and neither @ONENewsNZ or @CorinDann bothered to call Fairfax or me after defaming me pretty much all day.

@mlle_elle @edmuzik @danylmc yes thank you Elle. After all, who cld take Winston Peters and Michelle Boag seriously as a moral compass?

@Westerly 9 Jun
@avancenz @LI_politico that’s fairly crappy they didn’t contact and seek a response to about Boag’s comments.

@avancenz 9 Jun
@Westerly @LI_politico or any of it. Completely aside from the misogyny.


@TheNBR 10 Jun
Good to see Fairfax strongly backing @avancenz

@avancenz 10 Jun
@TheNBR thanks NBR. Shame then about the email your reporter just sent me. Would you be asking those questions if I was male?

@sineadboucher @ndbrennan As classy as their grubby questions emailed to me today. @TheNBR

@TheNBR 10 Jun
Dunne-leak reporter Andrea Vance clams up http://tinyurl.com/l4c4adx

@avancenz 10 Jun
FFx have asked for a correction. Awaiting response.

Just got a nice apology from @NBR and they are amending.


@RoryMacKinnon 10 Jun
Sending my regards to fellow reporter @avancenz putting up with all kinds of sneering misogynist horseshit today. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10889163

@avancenz 10 Jun
thank you Rory.


@kirsty_johnston 10 Jun
So can we assume Winston hasn’t got the emails? Or what? Slippery bugger @CampbellLiveNZ

@avancenz 10 Jun
@kirsty_johnston @CampbellLiveNZ he no more has them than he had the teapot tapes.

So it’s fairly clear what Vance thinks. And she has also made it clear she stands by source confidentiality:

@avancenz 10 Jun
@johnpagani thanks for your questions John. As you know, I cannot discuss sources.

@johnpagani thank you, but same answer John. I won’t be discussing anything about sources.

All indications are that Vance has not discussed sources.

In the meantime Dunne has adamantly denied there was anything personal, he was still denying it yesterday and today.

And although the rumour mill had been “vile”, and innuendo “sleazy” regarding his relationship with Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance, he said it was a past issue.

“I think it’s disgusting frankly” he said.

Dunne has also said it has been very hard on him, but especially on his wife and family.

It won’t have been easy for Vance either, nor her friends and family. It’s been reported she’s due to be married later this year.

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