Clifton backs Dunne on party registration fiasco

Jane Clifton shows her lack of bias and goes in to bat for Peter Dunne over United Future’s problems with the Electoral Commission  with party de-registration and re-registration.

Jane Clifton: Why I’m feeling for Peter Dunne

The demands made of the United Future party to re-register are downright inane.

The Opposition, and doubtless members of the public, will see the financial penalties Dunne has incurred as perfectly righteous – but that’s a different argument.

But that Dunne should lose these entitlements because a) his party was the only party foolish enough to be honest with the commission, and b) because the law is an ass and it was unclear how to process such a novel situation through the red tape and c) because in all likelihood officials were spooked by the histrionics of Winston and Labour in Parliament about Dunne’s entitlements, is very unfair.

Dunne is facing a tricky climb-back to redeem his career. But the commission needs to redeem itself too, by instigating equal treatment for all registered parties. Having taken such a flinty line with United Future, it should now actively check the numbers for all the parties, and keep a running monitor. That would, of course, be to look for more trouble, so it will probably handily find it lacks the resources for such rigour.

The moral of this story might be that honesty is not necessarily the best policy. Keep quiet and fix your faux pas before anybody notices.

Fair comments. Winston won’t listen to anyone but Labour should take note of that.

It will be interesting to see if the Electoral Commission will hold any other parties to account on membership to anything like the same degree they have with United Future.


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  1. I thought Jane’s article was quite good. Yes, I want to see the EC squirm for once


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