David Bain evidence and Kiwiblog links

David Giles has featured on 3rd degree as having discussed the Bain murder case on Kiwiblog, and followed a link from there to a photo that has uncovered what could be important new evidence in the case.

It shows that Robin Bain is likely to have loaded at least one of the rifle magazines used in the shooting.

New evidence could clear David Bain

A newly re-examined photo of Robin Bain’s hand could vindicate his son David from killing his whole family.

Waikato businessman David Giles has told 3rd Degree how he came across a crime scene photo of Robin’s hand online, and noticed some little marks on his thumb and forefinger.

“What struck me was the marks that were on Robin Bain’s thumb and forefinger,” he said. “We’ve got this rubbing mark here, and these twin parallel lines here. These are marks that are associated with loading the gun and handling the magazine.”

I’ve just tested this with my own .22 magazine and get marks in exactly the same place.

Kiwiblog threads:

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Kiwiblog is at it again hamer and tongs in The Bain marks

From 3 News:

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