Bain thumb marks and thumb prints

More information has been made available by the police in response to the 3rd Degree revelation of parallel lines on Robin Bain’s right thumb.

Parallel lines are visible in both a photo and in a thumb print taken afterwards.


There’s doubt whether the lines are residue marks or indentations.


There are also parallel indentations at the top left of the thumb print.

Residue marks would presumably not show up in a thumb print like this. This suggests that either…

  • the thumb was injured earlier on one or two occasions leaving with parallel lines that curiously but coincidentally a similar distance apart as the sides of the rifle magazine.


  • the thumb was indented due to pressure on the magazine – I can replicate this – and the indentations remained after Robin Bain died. They would gradually disappear on a live thumb.

I have no idea if the second of those options is feasible. It would need an expert opinion from a pathologist.

Whether then indentations would show in a thumb print would depend on the degree and nature of the indentations, and how much they hold their shape on a dead thumb. The photo doesn’t seem to show any broken skin, so the pressure when thumb printing applies no matter what caused the indentations.


The only thing that’s certain is this adds to the substantial intrigue surrounding this case.

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