Winston Peters – did he lie? Live or die?

Winston Peters made serious accusations against Peter Dunne about leaking the Kiteridge report and misleading Parliament. And last month he laid a complaint with the police.

NZ Police have announced today…

…there is no offence is disclosed and that further investigation will fail to provide evidence leading to a prosecution.

This raises serious questions about what Peters based his accusations on and what he claimed he knew about evidence.

On Thursday 30 May in Parliament:

Why are the phone records, in which the evidence lies in this case, not being asked of Ministers, in particular Mr Peter Dunne?

All the evidence is in those phone records and your minister is gone.

On Friday 6 June – the day the Henry report was released and Peter Dunne resigned as Minister – Winston Peters calls for police to investigate Dunne

He said he has lodged a complaint with police asking them to investigate Dunne.

“It’s a very sad day for the country because it’s a matter of very serious national security that’s reflected here,” Peters said.

When questioned how he knew about the electronic record, and whether someone had been leaking information about Dunne to him, he replied: “That’s immaterial.”

Asked whether he had seen the emails, he again responded “that’s immaterial”, saying he would never make allegations he could not back up.

Again he was asked what proof he had to make the claims against Dunne before Henry’s report was officially released today, to which he replied: “The answer is the information I saw.”

The Henry report did not use phone records to implicate Dunne, they used the emails (that they hadn’t seen) to implicate guilt. So Peters switched fom phone records to emails and “electronic records) in his claims.

Over the next few days Peters’ claims of evidence kept changing as he was pressed more to provide details to back up his claims. On Campbell Live on Monday 9 June.

Campbell: What proof do you have of that?

Peters: Well the same proof that’s behind my making the statement on day one, and I live and die by what I say on this matter, and every day you’re hearing more. Look, I knew what was breaking tonight in the media outlets, I knew that from day one.

By Tuesday 10 June was still claiming there was evidence but had by now admitted he didn’t have it.

Outside the House, Mr Peters said on Tuesday that, though he was aware of five sets of electronic records, he is still trying to get his hands on all of them. He said he has some information, but not enough yet to go public.

“If you haven’t got the complete picture – which I admit I haven’t got, but I’ve got enough to say what I’ve said and know that we’re going to make it home. Otherwise, this car’s going a long way on no petrol.”

But he had already gone very public and had also gone to the police four days earlier.

And now the police say “further investigation will fail to provide evidence leading to a prosecution”. This totally discredits Peters’ claim of evidence.

Peters said he believes Dunne should resign from Parliament altogether, saying there is no future for him there now.

“This is a serious matter and you cannot just walk away from it like that, and the Prime Minister accepting that and not going the whole way means that he doesn’t still take it seriously and doesn’t understand how important it it.”

Peters said “anyone who saw the electronic record knew that this was inevitable”.

Peters was clearly trying to force a resignation from Parliament.

This is very serious, trying to destroy a political career and trying to eliminate a rival political party.

Especially by making claims in Parliament and in public that appear to be deliberately or negligently false. His claims are certainly not backed up with evidence at all, and not backed up by the police.

Peters said to John Campbell “I live and die by what I say on this matter, and every day you’re hearing more”.

But as the days went by we heard less, and now the Police confirm there is nothing.

I live and die by what I say“.

It’s certainly a death of credibility. And if Peters really did politically live or die by what he says, should he do the honorable thing and fall on his sword?

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