GCSB bill protests – a secret agenda?

Protests are planned against the GCSB bill next Saturday, as per Stop the GCSB Bill on  Facebook:

This group opposes the GCSB and TICS Bills currently going through parliament that would broaden the intelligence gathering powers of New Zealand Spy agencies, legitimizing and extending the capacity for the government to intercept communications and collect metadata.

And a public meeting is being held on Thursday: as per the Daily Blog – Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill – Urgent Public Meeting with Kim Dotcom, Dr Rodney Harrison & Thomas Beagle


This Thursday 25th July, 7pm at Mt Albert War Memorial Hal

I support putting pressure on the Government to address deficiencies in the current version of the bill.  But I have some concerns about this protest campaign.

I asked who was in the coalition:

Daily blog GCSB post

But this was deleted by Daily Blog moderation.

And on their Facebook page I asked:

What if the Government addresses the major concerns in the bill? They have already indicated they will make some changes.

What if a modified bill makes improvements on what we currently have? With a promise of regular reviews? Wouldn’t that be better than stopping the bill?

Martin Bradbury responded there by attacking me:

Facebook GCSB postBradbury is MC-ing the National Day of Action in Auckland on Saturday.

But other than him (Bradbury is known to be a paid promoter of the Mana Party as well as running the Daily Blog) I don’t know who is involved in organising the Saturday protests or who is organising the Thursday “Urgent Meeting”.

It is highly ironic that a campaign against a secret spy agency appears to be cloaked in secrecy about who is involved in promoting and organising the protests.

If this protest wants to have any credibility then it needs to be open about who is involved.

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  1. Really Pete? This is what you spend your time doing when you aren’t attempting to be more predictable than David Farrar?

    A conspiracy folks! A conspiracy! I don’t post your thoughts on TDB because we don’t feed trolls – it’s clearly marked in the comments section Pete – and I certainly don’t feed a Troll who write lies about me, as you have done many times. But no, it’s not because I detest a dull blogger who makes up things about me, oh no! It’s a secret conspiracy.

    TBH – I had never heard of you before Lynn blogged about you on TDB – I couldn’t quite understand why he loathed you so much, but now having been unfortunately included in a number of your posts, I get why he had so little respect for you.

    To conclude that my deep dislike of you equates into a shadowy conspiracy has at least kept us amused.

    • Thanks Marty, that confirms quite a bit.

      You could just ask simple questions. But instead you launch into this. Says a lot – about you.

  2. I can’t take a clown who is claiming a secret conspiracy behind a protest seriously. We are loving how wound up in the web you are weaving though. Is Kim Dotcom, Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harris and Thomas Beagle involved in the conspiracy as well Pete?

    • It would be simple to clarify – who is in the “coalition to stop the GCSB Bill”?

      You seem to be using standard denial tactics. You shouldn’t have anything to hide – openness and honesty help with credibility.

  3. Hi Pete,

    I’m coordinating the National protests and admin the Stop The GCSB Bill facebook page. We have sent out multiple press releases and made public statements online unfortunately this hasn’t resulted in my phone ringing hot with requests for interviews or any mass coverage apart from a mention in one of Bryce Edwards pieces for The Herald.

    Hope this clears up the ‘shadowy’ aspect for you haha.

    • Thanks Max. Yes, that does clarify a bit, especially as Martyn Bradbury seems to be trying to own it and refused to clarify a simple question and attacked me for asking.

      Way to get support, not. I was actually considering being involved myself until he decided he didn’t want anyone involved he considered “right”.

    • No there looks like being major changes will that change the protests? Or is the coalition against the bill regardless?

      By the way, still unanswered – who is in the coalition?

    • Kiwi’s from across the political spectrum are horrified at the bill and the increase in powers being given to the GCSB so no matter whether you’re right or left you’re more than welcome at the protests! Martyn has nothing to do with the National Coordination (which consists of me and a few volunteers) though he is involved with the Auckland event. Details of which are both on the Facebook page and meetings to organize it have been advertised publicly and open to the public, so not sure why you think there’s some large conspiracy, and allegations of such are pretty spurious 🙂

  4. Keith

     /  22nd July 2013

    Bradbury’s response on the Facebook page and his comments here illustrate perfectly why these people need to be exposed and stopped. Or we’ll end up in a gulag.

    Good on you for questioning them. Obviously Bradbury and some others don’t like the blowtorch turned on them.

    Keep up the good work you nasty right-winger (ha!) you!

  5. framu

     /  24th July 2013

    dont be fooled keith – pete has gotten himself banned from many a blog and the treatment he gets is merely a reflection of his behaviour.

    • It only seems to be (some) leftie blogs that don’t like their message challenged.

      Bradbury is openly “Setting the agenda”, or try to, and he’s always been a control freak on his blogs. Quite ironic that he is campaigning against the GCSB – using draconian censorship.

  6. framu

     /  24th July 2013

    no – its because your a pedantic little wretch who derails everything to turn it into a massive whinge about how mean eveyone is to reasonable old you.

    Just like peter dunnhill – you dont challenge anything and always say nothing of any substance – your dither, bounce around, shift goal posts and generally take up way to much of everyones time – thats why you get banned

    • No, I got banned (I presume you’re talking about The Standard) because I wouldn’t back down from lprent’s (and other’s) bull. Hard lefties can’t stand their nonsense being challenged, so they resort to attacking the messenger.

      It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      And I didn’t derail, that was deliberate and unsuccessful attempts by a bunch of blog bitches to push lprent into giving in.

      • framu

         /  24th July 2013

        no – you got banned for wasting everyones time – just like over at dim post

        just accept it pete – its OK. Just dont blame others for your own behaviour, its a shitty thing to do

        • Yeah, funny. A bunch of nongs took to disrupting threads whenever I commented. And then complained about the thread being disrupted. And ten tried to blame it one me, which, as you say, was a shitty thing to do.

          But that’s not why I was banned, I was banned because lprent decided to ban me for giving him some advice about improving the standard of comment at The Standard by doing something about the resident mob of trolls. He obviously prefers mob rule – and I didn’t complain, his blog, his rules,

          And someone admitted deliberately disrupting DimPost and I was blocked from defending myself.

          No excuses for being banned from Red Alert, like just about everyone else who tried to comment Clare (or Trev) blocked me – before she tried to intefere at The Standard too. Is Red Alert still stuttering along?

          Lefty blogs and bloggers have a very poor reputation.

  7. Agree with Framu but unable to say so because ‘comment could not be posted’- guess I must be a blog bitch. Scungy AND grudgy eh, Mr George? Think about bossy Peter’s willing seller-willing buyer trope for moment, now there’s conspiracy eh? Sad pedantic little wretch indeed.

    • Your comment seems to have posted ok.

      The “willing seller-willing buyer” comment didn’t come across well for sure, but I think that’s nothing more than unwisely chosen words to describe political negotiations. Dunne understands that there has to be a genuine willingness to reach a workable solution – unlike Shearer, Peters and Norman, who would rather posture with no intention to do anything but score political points.

  1. Political activists behind “Stop the GCSB Bill” censorship | Your NZ

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