Labour Retreat – while Shearer’s away…

…what will the caucus play at?

Following another demoralising poll result for Labour – that David Shearer called ‘a wake up call for us” – Labour is having a caucus retreat in Napier today.

The poll – and a similar poor result from Roy Morgan a few days ago – must be high on the Labour MP conversation list, even if they avoid having it on the agenda. And that means Shearer’s poor performance and lack of party and public can’t avoid attention.

There is an interesting situation:

David Shearer to attend the start of Labour’s caucus retreat to Napier in the morning

On Monday, John Key will chair the intelligence and security committee in the Beehive as it deliberates on what changes should be made to the bill and New Zealand’s foreign spy agency.

Opposition leader David Shearer is due to attend the start of Labour’s caucus retreat to Napier in the morning and fly back to Wellington for the committee meeting, then return to Napier.

Shearer will be there at the start of the retreat and again at the end, but will be absent for several hours in the middle.

Will leadership be discussed while Shearer is away?

Newstalk ZB report In-fighting behing Labour’s poll nightmares

Internal arguing is being blamed for Labour’s poor showing in the polls.

A Roy Morgan poll last week had the party on 31 per cent support, well behind National, and a TV3 Reid Research poll is showing a similar result.

Labour leader David Shearer says his party is not in a position that he is comfortable with, but he blames the result on bad publicity the party has had over its plans to boost female MP numbers.

“What the last couple of weeks has shown us, and reminded us, is that when we focus on stuff that is inside the Labour Party, at the expense of what New Zealanders are worried about, we will be hit in the polls.”

No sign of Shearer accepting any responsibility there, blaming poor results on “his party” and bad publicity. Hello! Any idea why they have been getting bad publicity?

Can Labour put aside internal arguing at the retreat and face up to their problems?

Can Shearer afford to retreat to Wellington during the middle of the retreat?

And why the heck would Labour have a caucus retreat when their leader can’t attend right through? Unless someone planned it that way.

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