Political activists behind “Stop the GCSB Bill” censorship

When the ‘Stop the GCSB Bill’ campaign started I was interested in being involved. It was promoted on The Daily Blog by Mana Party adviser Martyn Bradbury and I asked him “What groups make up the ‘coalition'”? I was interested to know who was involved. That comment wasn’t passed by moderation.

I joined in discussions on their Facebook page and Bradbury commented:

Stop the GCSB Bill BradburyI posted about this and Bradbury came and commented:

I don’t post your thoughts on TDB because we don’t feed trolls – it’s clearly marked in the comments section Pete – and I certainly don’t feed a Troll who write lies about me, as you have done many times. But no, it’s not because I detest a dull blogger who makes up things about me, oh no! It’s a secret conspiracy.

TBH – I had never heard of you before Lynn blogged about you on TDB – I couldn’t quite understand why he loathed you so much, but now having been unfortunately included in a number of your posts, I get why he had so little respect for you.

To conclude that my deep dislike of you equates into a shadowy conspiracy has at least kept us amused.

I haven’t lied about him many times – that’s a lie on his part.

Funny that he claims not to have heard of me – last year I was a member of a panel in a very well attended public discussion. Bradbury was MC. Is he that full of his own importance that he doesn’t know who is on his panel?

I have since tried to join in and add to discussions on their Facebook pages. My comments and links just get deleted.

I recently posted a link to a Christchurch Press editorial on the GCSB to Facebook. This soon disappeared.

So I posted a comment:

Stop the GCSB Bill comment

This also soon disappeared.

Stop the GCSB Bill comment deleted

I had also had a comment advising who was managing the campaign and the Facebook pages:

Hi Pete,

I’m coordinating the National protests and admin the Stop The GCSB Bill facebook page.

Max was a Green candidate in Hamilton last election before he withdrew after he was found to have deceived a newspaper into a story without revealing his party connection.

It appears that Max is also deceiving the public in his Stop the GCSB Bill management, along with Bradbury, by controlling a one sided message in social media.

(Update: Max has contacted me and an apology may be in order, it may only be Bradbury who is blocking and deleting).

The Stop the GCSB Bill  seems intent on controlling the message of a political campaign. They certainly don’t want genuine cross spectrum discussion or debate.

Not a good look in a supposed fight for freedom of online communication.

Bradbury accused me of  “always slavishly worshiping the increase of state power”. What a bloody hypocrite – he’s well known as a social media control freak.

I could imagine what a Mana controlled state would be like if he remains employed by the party. Abuse and censorhip of anyone he disagrees with.

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  1. Noone is deleting your comments George, please stop making stuff up. You can post all over there with links to whatever as much as you like. Please don’t start making things up so you’ve got something to blog about 😉 Have replied honestly and openly in comments on one of your previous blog posts and offered a full interview if you wanted one, not my fault you seem to be a lazy blogger.

    • Apologies if I’m mistaken, but something odd is going on. Both a comment and a link that were posted appeared, then shortly afterwards disappeared.

      I can now see them moved to the right hand column. Perhaps there’s a delay before they appear there.

      I missd the interview offer, I’ll send some questions tonight and post responses in full on Saturday morning before the protests.

      I’ve been generally supporting and promoting the protests, apart from a few grizzles. I may have overreacted to you in part due to the aggressive and excluding approach of Bradbury, you can’t be responsible for how he represents the protest.

    • Max, who manages Protesting the GCSB + TICS Bills: Auckland on Facebook?

      • The admins are myself & Kyle Sutherland. The Auckland event though is being organised by the Stop The GCSB Bill coalition with the names you mentioned behind it

        • Thanks. I apologise to you. Without open identification of who is involved – my first attempt to clarify followed by my first criticism was about this and multiple responsibilities – it’s confusing.

          There is a definite problem with attitude and openness in Auckland.

    • I emailed some interview questions but the address has bounced (the address looked suspicious but I tried anyway).

      Raises questions about your intent and integrity, but I”l give you the opportunity to explain.

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