Public Meeting on GCSB in Auckland tonight

7 pm, Thursday 25th July

Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Auckland

Key speakers:

  • Dame Anne Salmond
  • Dr Rodney Harrison QC
  • Kim Dotcom
  • Thomas Beagle
  • Chaired by Sir Edmund Thomas

Live Stream for this event:


NZ Herald reports:

Anti-GCSB group garners support on social media

The Stop The GCSB Bill group has the support for 13,500 people on Facebook and is now being followed by another 400 on Twitter.

The group opposes the Government Communications and Security Bureau And Related Legislation Bill and the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill.

The group will hold a public meeting to protest the bill in Auckland tomorrow night, chaired by retired Supreme Court Judge Sir Edmund Thomas.

Group spokesman Mike Treen said that because of the high level of public interest, the meeting would be streamed live on the internet.

New Zealander of the year Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harrison QC, internet tycoon Kim Dotcom and civil liberties expert Thomas Beagle will speak at the meeting.

The meeting will be followed by rallies around the country on Saturday.

It will be interesting to see how the sensible and serious commentators compete with the overblown scaremongering.

There are some radical elements involved with the meeting and protests. Martyn Bradbury is doing his usual over the top promotion at The Daily Blog and abused me when I asked him who was involved in the coalition and said I was banned from commenting there.

But there is also some more balanced comment there Frank Macskasy – 2013 – The Year We Became a Policed Surveillance State – albeit perhaps premature with his doom predictions.

The Mana Party and NZ socialists seem to be heavily involved in Auckland, with Bradbury leading the charge online, Mike Treen quoted as group spokesperson in the Herald article, and John Minto was just interviewed as spokesperson on Firstline.

I thought Minto came across very well and made reasonable points, he is voicing valid concerns. I hope they stick to the issue without politicising it.

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