Strong Press support for GCSB Bill changes

Some strong support for the current state of the GCSB bill from Christchurch Press:

Press Editorial: Changes to GCSB bill far from trivial

Contrary to the assertions of opposition parties, the changes Prime Minister John Key has made to the Government Communications Security Bureau bill are not merely cosmetic.

All these changes make substantial modifications to the bill as it was first presented to Parliament.

All these changes make substantial modifications to the bill as it was first presented to Parliament. While they have not been enough to persuade opposition parties to support the bill, they are sufficient to satisfy Peter Dunne, formerly a strong critic of the bill, which means it will pass.

The fact is the changes were proposed by Peter Dunne and agreed to by John Key.

Questions about the operations of the GCSB and, in fact, the whole intelligence and security apparatus in New Zealand, may, however, linger.

They will always linger for some people, who want no spying from anyone on anyone.

This is not because of any serious malfeasance by any of them. Far from it. Apart from a few far-Left critics who object to its involvement in international intelligence co-operation, the GCSB, for instance, has operated for decades without raising any concerns about its activities

Possibly the most important provision in the new legislation will be the one providing for a review of the GCSB’s activities in two years and regular reviews thereafter.

The threats the GCSB and other intelligence agencies are meant to guard against are, in today’s hyperconnected world, rapidly evolving.

Boundaries that were once hard and fast are dissolving. The agencies and the laws governing them must evolve to meet that reality. So, too, must the oversight of them.

John Key still needs to deliver on his promise to make it clear as soon as possible and in legislation that “the collection of metadata will be treated as communication and require a search warrant”.

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  1. dave

     /  25th July 2013

    the fact is that nobody had a say on these changes at select committee. The pubic is increasingly having no say on the shape of legislation.

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