Winston Peters: “It’s my job to know”

Amongst the fallout from the Andrea Vance data debacle questions are being asked about Winston Peters and his involvement in leaking, accusing and smearing in his campaign to undermine the Government and execute a political hit job..

Stuff reported yesterday in Key’s office ordered records released:

Meanwhile, there are questions over what NZ First leader Winston Peters knew about the phone records collected by Parliamentary Service after he grilled Key in Parliament on June 5, before Henry’s report on the GCSB leak was released.

Peters questioned Key about phone records shown to the Henry inquiry which he claimed to show “an inexplicable connection between one minister’s phone calls and information leaks exclusively to one journalist”.

No such phone records were ever referred to in the Henry inquiry’s final report.

Peters today refused to say whether he had been acting on specific information when he raised the phone records in Parliament. 

Patrick Gower on 3 News last night.

And all this raises another question, how did Winston Peters know about the phone records way back in May, when it only became public yesterday?

A clip of Peters  is shown from 30th May in Parliament saying:

And I’m going to short circuit things by saying all the evidence is in those phone records, and your Minister’s gone.

Gower interviewed Peters yesterday:

Gower: But the phone records weren’t even meant to be taken.

Peters laughed and replied: It’s my job to know.

Peters 3 NewsGower again, later on camera:

Winston Peters, how did he know about those phone records, how did he get such super sensitive information from out of the middle of a super sensitive inquiry?

Who leaked to Peters, and does the ninth floor of the Beehive care about that?

Peters looked very pleased with himself, but there are a lot of journalists who are questioning his integrity on this.

And in a “mad as hell” column this morning Andrea Vance adds:

I don’t know who had access to my records.

And I’m suspicious why on June 5, less than a week after the unauthorised release, NZ First leader Winston Peters was making some startling allegations about phone records in the House. Neither the prime minister’s office, the Speaker or Parliamentary Service have been able to offer a guarantee that there was no leak to Peters.

I hope the Privileges Committee inquiry in three weeks time examines the leak to Peters thoroughly.

Is it Winston’s job to know what’s going on in a sensitive inquiry into a spy report leak?

Is it Winston’s job to smear journalists?

Is it Winston’s job to try to eliminate elected members of Parliament?

Is it Winston’s job to undermine the elected Government?

We pay Winston’s wages. It’s his job to be upfront and tell us what he was doing, why he was doing it, and why he thinks it’s his job to be as disruptive as possible.

And if he won’t – and on past form he wont, he wont even admit his accusations were based on no evidence despite implying that he has the evidence – then it is up to the Privileges Committee to find out from those in Parliamentary Services (or it’s contractor) who aided and abetted his attempted political hit job.

It’s Winston’s job to represent the people who elected him.

It is not Winston’s job to represent the worst of Parliamentary behaviour.

Irony of the day: Peters says PM not to be trusted

Peters would be a major contender for the title of Least Trusted MP.

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  1. Darryl

     /  1st August 2013

    Irony of the day: Is Winston Peters is the one NOT to be trusted. This is nothing new from Peters, we never found out about Owen Glenn’s money. He appeared every night on our TV’s showing a NO SIGN.

  2. insider

     /  1st August 2013

    Journalists have not dug deep enough yet. There are things that Winston has said that can only be known by a spy following Andrea Vance. Think about that.. Dig deep enough and you will find!
    Winston is only interested in destabilising the government…what’s new?

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