Peters accuses Dunne of five leaks

On Firstline this morning Winston Peters repeated a claim he has previously made, that Peter Dunne has been involved in five leaks. Not surprisingly this has failed to get any traction, but for the record I’ll detail it here.

It looks like one of Peters’ researchers has dredged back through leak type news and tried to associate some of what Peters calls leaks with Dunne.

Dunne has dismissed this as “simply untrue”. It appears to be nothing more than Peters doing what Peters does – firing around a salvo of accusations with no evidence, hoping one will appear to hit a target. In this case he is firing five blanks.

In four of the cases Dunne was not involved at all.

In the fifth relating Dunne commissioned a report as Minister of Revenue – on the potential impact of the Novopay debacle on teachers’ end of tax year tax status – and gave a journalist a copy of the report. His report, his choice what he does with it, just like every Minister does with their reports. As does the Prime Minister.

No one else cares because there is nothing wrong with what happened.

Peters is trying to build a shoddy case against Dunne. His aim appears to be to eliminate a political rival, and he seems increasingly desperate in the process.

This is a very poor way for a Member of Parliament to misuse his time. He is supposed to be representing the people, and shouldn’t be trying to destroy other democratically elected representatives and parties.

And it is typicically hypocritical of Peters. He claims leaking as his job – Winston Peters: “It’s my job to know” – but makes baseless accusations about others leaking, very poorly.

The only thing leaking here is the credibility of Peters, from a fairly empty looking bucket.

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