Cough cough, two answers for Bradbury

Martin Bradbury asks two questions of Peter Dunne at The Daily Blog in Cough-Cough – about that whole ‘willing buyer/willing seller’ thing (Two questions)

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm

Tipline throwing up some interesting questions.

Two questions:

When Peter Dunne declared that there was a willing buyer and a willing seller to describe how he gave Key his one vote to pass the mass surveillance State legislation, what exactly did he mean?

An unfortunate term used for a simple explanation – effective politics involves negotiations between two parties who are willing to reach a satisfactory conclusion. This often involves compromise.

It turned out to be win-win-win:

  • Dunne contributed significantly to improving the GCSB Amendment Bill
  • Key got a much improved bill in his name
  • The people of New Zealand will get a much improved bill.

That’s how politics works, for parties willing to contribute directly and positively to the process.

Who is currently paying all of Peter Dunne’s staff salaries?

I believe he currently has the normal quota of staff for an independent MP – something like 1-2 in Parliament and some electorate office reception I guess.

Paid for by whoever in Parliament pays all MP’s their allocated staff.

Someone paid by the Mana Party should know things like this better than me – look at you payslip and you will see who pays MP party staff.

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