Shearer sensible, responsible on Fonterra crisis

David Shearer in Parliament yesterday with a Ministerial Statement on the dairy industry:

DAVID SHEARER (Leader of the Opposition): Our priority today and over the next few days is making sure that parents here and abroad have the accurate information they need to ensure that their children are safe. As a parent I understand how anxious they might be feeling. They are confused and worried about whether there is a risk to the health of their kids. Their questions must be answered in full. They must have access to accurate and timely advice, and nothing must be held back from them. The safety of our children and children abroad is paramount.

We are standing alongside the Government as it works with Fonterra to provide answers for parents.

We will also support its efforts to protect our export markets and the international reputation that we have from further damage. When the time is right we will also be demanding answers, as many New Zealanders will be.

This issue is bigger than politics, but Fonterra is not bigger than Parliament. It is up to us in this House to come together and make sure that everything that happens from this moment on happens in the best interests of parents and of our country.

One of the best responses or speeches I’ve heard from Shearer, sensible, responsible.

Full draft transcript from Shearer and also from John Key, Russel Norman and Winston Peters here.
Videos of speeches:

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