Standing for Dunedin City Council

I’ve decided to stand for Dunedin City Council – see my announcement.

I wear a number of political hats – promoting better democracy, cross party solutions, and more recently promoting UnitedFuture as I see a need for a reliable small centre party.

One of the first hats I put on when deciding to get involved in politics was to get better and more effective political representation for Dunedin and the South. It was this passion that led to me standing for Dunedin North in the last election, and I campaigned on better democracy for Dunedin.

Over the past two years I’ve learnt more about politics, about how to communicate and how to lobby. I’ve made a number of contacts nationally.

Recent concerns raised about job losses in Dunedin highlighted a problem for the city – it seems to be a low priority for central government. the importance of Dunedin is seen as diminished and disregarded by Wellington. Like other regions the South feels neglected.

My first priority is listening to the people and looking for the best ways to represent these people. I will set up systems of communication via social media and public meetings. This always has been my primary interest in politics.

Should I become a city councillor my second priority will be working hard for the people of Dunedin – not just for a vocal minority but for the good of the majority.

And thirdly I will use my experience and contacts in national politics to push central government hard for better regional policies. Auckland is very important to New Zealand, but so are the regions, which feed Auckland with a lot of resources and people. Big cities and regions should not compete, they are different, with different strengths.  If both cities and the regions are strong we will have a stronger country.

I may comment occasionally here on the Dunedin election and Dunedin issues but most of that will be in Your Dunedin.

This won’t affect what I do here and what I’m doing with UnitedFuture, which are separate projects. I’ll be standing as an independent candidate. Peter Dunne has approved (which is nice, but it was solely my decision). And Judy Turner, ex United Future MP and ex party president, and now deputy mayor of Whakatane, has encouraged me to stand.

I believe I can make a positive and significant contribution to Dunedin City and the South by connecting the people, the city and the country.

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  1. Darryl

     /  10th August 2013

    All the best Pete, with your endeavours’s.

  2. Quentin Todd

     /  10th August 2013

    That’s awesome news Pete. You’re right about learning heaps about politics. I have done the same over the last few years, more so in the last twelve months since my unsuccessful nomination to UF Board.

    You are also right about national policies been given attention to Auckland – just a little too much.

    Will you continue to blog here on national politics?

    • Oopps! miss last paragraph of your post sorry! That’s good you’re still doing this post – you make very good observations and I support you in doing that.

      Judy Turner Party President? Has Robin moved on?

    • Yes, I’m continuing doing what I’ve been doing. I think the projects are complementary, there needs to be a more effective connection between local and national politics, in Dunedin anyway.

  3. looking forward to these exciting times – even in the rough times, we all learn something, and find gems along the way. You have my support

  4. Great! All the best Pete.

  1. Different political hats | Your Dunedin

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