Dunedin’s choice

As an important next step in my five year political mission I am standing for both the Dunedin mayoralty and the council.

Dunedin City Council badly needs an injection of vigour and innovation, and that’s exactly what I’ve been working towards. Any election is a challenge but I rate my chances.

The city has had a mixed few years with more bad news than good, and the council has looked reactive rather than proactive. This needs to change. And this requires more drive in leadership.

So I am also standing for the mayoralty. Contesting this with an incumbent who had a comfortable win last time is a much bigger challenge. Dave Cull hasn’t done too much notably wrong but hasn’t exactly inspired in his term.

His best action was with the Southern summit this week – but that would have been better two months into his term, not just before an election.

And the Stand Up Otago appeared to have been started and initially driven by the Otago Daily Times, giving the mayor a push in the right direction.

There’s certainly room for substantial improvement with Dunedin’s leadership. And I’ll be giving it my best shot.

Your Dunedin, your choice

It will be a busy couple of months so my blogging here will reduce, but I’ll keep my interest going in national politics. Most of my online campaigning will be done through:

And I think I should be safe and say:

Authorised by P George, 9 Babsie Road, Dunedin

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  1. Darryl

     /  17th August 2013

    Good on you Pete, give it your best shot.


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