A very special wedding day for some

Today is a special day for some couples – for the first time in New Zealand they will be able to get legally married. The same-sex marriage law changes come into effect today.

This won’t affect most of us, those of us who are not gay, and those of us not invited to attend a gay marriage.

But it is a major step towards equality for those who are no included in the freedom of choice on marriage.

And the sun will rise again tomorrow, and the next day, when people of any sexual orientation will have the choice to get married.

Congratulations to all those who get married today. I treasure my marriage, and I’m glad that you have that option now too.

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  1. Brown

     /  19th August 2013

    “And the sun will rise again tomorrow, and the next day,…”

    It has done over history yet millions died in the last century alone and saw one but not the other.

    This phrase is overused and I for one am sick of it being trotted out as a reason to have no concerns about out engineering social structures that may or may not be good for us and children.


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